Color for your home – Gray

Picking interior Paint Colors are always a challenge.  The colors need to act as backdrop to your furnishings, art and collections.  They  should pull a room together.

Maria Killam of  Color me Happy, who is a genius at picking paint colors and a mentor of mine challenged us to come up with a gray wall color we are drawn to right now.

I took her fabulous color class last September in Vancouver, so I am a True Color Expert and I know how to choose paint colors. You dont need to cover the wall in paint samples like one poor home owner who’s house I passed walking my dog.

Maria’s exercise had me trolling hundreds of gray rooms to find the perfect match.

Gray.  What visions I have when I think of gray.  The shades that create pools, feathers in pillows, the sparkle of jewels.

A gray day increases the intensity of the color everywhere outside, and gray paint has the same effect inside.

A backdrop for what happens with a room, a perfect background color. Of course like so many neutrals there are many shades of gray to choose from especially when looking for the perfect living room paint color.

From Deep grey that is almost black to the softest gray white and everything in-between

Gray is so quiet.  It is a whisper. Or it can be a roar in its intensity. As shiny as a mirror, and as bold.

I have been drawn to both the dark gray and the light gray.  Right now I am pulled toward the lighter, softer more reflective gray.  The greys that hold more than a tinge of warmth.

The colors that reflect nature. Deepen the connection.

Like this room below  – what draws me into this living room wall color?

The walls shimmer with a reflective, open feel. It makes me think about being on water, dreaming. There is light and depth.  A story behind the color. A muted glow.

Fabulous grey background walls

I adore how the softer brights in this case, the numerous shades of apricot come to light in the reflective sheen of gray walls. Every shade and tone in the folds has presence.

The yellow under robe of the monks, pops.

The black pops with crisp certainty, and the white looks just right.

Even the vines of the carved table look good against the gray light.

A color for all seasons and all rooms.

Benjamin Moore Seattle Gray #2130-70

I could be happy in a room with this color on the walls, wrapping the room and be in a blanket of hope.

What is your favorite gray paint color?  Do you have a grey room right now or any gray furniture?  I would love to hear what you struggle with when choosing color.

If you want to Lift your Spirits and enjoy what you have now, call me Jennifer Duchene, 650.644.8592  I would be delighted to help you.

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Color for your home – Gray — 4 Comments

  1. Lovely, Jen! I like several iones ncluding Chelsea Gray, Kendall Charcoal, Shale, Apparition, Stonington Gray, etc. Look forward to Maria’s post coming soon!

    • Thank you so much Kristie. Ah yes so many wonderful grays. Me too I cant wait to see what Maria creates. Lovely to see you here.

  2. A lesson in ‘the appreciation of grey’. Well, I have certainly a fresh love of it from reading this blog. Flashed also on the many tertiaries that can be created from one room to the next based on the base colors chosen for the individual rooms. The possibilities are endless.

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