Pillow Talk

Time to swing the tassels, to bump and grind the cozy square.

Are your pillows RIGHT for the room and your needs?

Today’s cushions are all the rage, in every color shape and texture.

The choices are overwhelming from Target to exquisite hand made models, and everything in between.

Pillows have a way of bringing the colors in the room together and finishing off the look. Use your discerning eye to pop the pillows out of the park …. its an easy way to change the look

I love the idea of mixing a couple of different types with similar colors or similar types with different colors.

This one from urban outfitters has the bird theme which is totally in. and gets our pillow ball rolling. Mix up cheap and expensive pillows to get a rich personal look.

Try shopping at Tuesday Morning or TJ Max. Don’t buy all your pillows from the same grouping or the same place.

And never crowd your sofa or chair with too many pillows. It looks untidy and there is nowhere to place your bottom. If you cant afford designer pillows make your own and fill with down inserts. Ikea has great pillow inserts and fresh fun fabrics to use. Raid your local dress fabric store for some fabulous finds and embellishments.

Pillows add life.

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