Pillowy Life cushioned in bed

Back from HighPoint North Carolina Fall Design & Trends Buying Show and book signing at Pandora de Balthazar.  My friend and mentor Leslie Carothers made this happen.  What an experience.



Talk about billowing in pillows.  Surrounding by amazing textiles and all these beds.  Bruce Barone a photographer and friend who cares about what I care about – life people food and visuals, was on hand, standing on chairs to take pictures as Pandora and her lovely staff encouraged people to climb into bed.  Quite hilarious.



I had a few fun moments watching people resist and then get so comfortable they did not want to leave. Sleeping with Cell phones is like lying down with lions. You never know when it will roar!



Pandora has a sleep system that includes 5 pillows.  Each pillow is made with hungarian goose down and the neck pillow is a combo of foam and goosedown.  The pillows have function, that supports you in bed.  The Le Chic Cocoon we retire to, to rest, read, and recover in. Two pillows to support your back.  What a concept. How hard is it to get comfortable at night in bed when you are trying to read or work, or entertain guests at bedside?  Royalty, Barbie or the woman next door, we all need support to feel good in bed. That and a willing inspiring partner lol!   Two pillows function on your lap to support your arms and what you are doing.  Now that makes perfect sense.   Along with a neck roll to support your neck.  Sometimes rolls are good.  I like crisp bread ones with real butter, not so crazy about body rolls, but I am learning to embrace all of the physical in me.



Lying down involves using two of the pillows, supporting your back from the base.  So cushiony, and allows for a rest that refreshes in it’s deepness.  Truly we are only as good as the sleep we get. Our bodies are so important.  Good sleep keeps the flow energized & electrified.   Spoiling ourself with luxuries that go bone deep is an essential rule in the Le Chic Cocoon life philosophy.  Thanks Jenn Brouwer and Danielle Hatfield for getting into the Cocoonista mood


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