Polite Power Rules

December is gathering in to spurt to the end.   A rush of holidays to have us celebrating and making merry.Yet for many women, behind the festive wear and frolicking, lingers a sadness.
The longing to express herself without hurting others, without feeling mad, sad or bad.

That is why I created my Polite Power Rules.   Watch the video and share your thoughts.   Do you agree a women needs to be able to be polite to get what she wants or doesn’t it matter?  How do you remember your childhood?  What do you long for in your life and do you know how to get it?



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Polite Power Rules — 9 Comments

  1. Lovely, Jen! I love that you used the word “freak” to describe yourself. I have a sticker I put on my laptop that says “all the freaky people make the beauty in the world” — isn’t that the truth?!?
    As I get older, I find I care less and less what people think of me (so freeing!). I’m not here to be what I’m not or appease what others’ need or want. As I approach my 50th bday next week, I feel more like ME than ever 🙂
    Hugs & cheers to a brilliant new year!

    • Dear Heidi, thanks for a lovely comment. Yes I think your sticker sums it up very nicely! I agree the best part of aging is the freedom that comes with it. No you are not here to appease others but to be your big self. I salute you and how exciting the big 50 in this most exciting of times. Yes hugs and cheers to a brilliant year for you too!

  2. Learning how not to please others but to be myself – that has been the lesson of a lifetime, and one I am still working on. I do believe the best thing about aging is coming to that point of not looking to what others need all the time. I don’t think of being polite as the issue so much as being hidden. Covering up something within me in order to make things comfortable or easy for someone else. Thank you for encouraging us to be ourselves – our BIG selves!

    • Dear Judy, yes aging has its graces. Covering up or being hidden is a form of politeness but I get what you are saying and I salute you for working on changing. Not always easy. Happy to encourage your big self. Cant wait to see you undisguised!

  3. Great ideas on gift giving. During the holidays we don’t exchange gifts anymore, except with the children. No one “needs” anything but I love the idea of sharing honesty, loving honesty and also love sharing gratitude as a gift.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Gift Ideas Video Susan. Yes gratitude is a wonderful thing to share. Many of us have way too many things anyway to exchange gifts

    • I’d love to but preschool doesn’t start forveer and my 2 yr old will still be with me. The tea and cookies look fantastic though so I might snarf some down between errands and diaper changes ;).

  4. It is certainly ironic that we often grow up wanting please others, then suddenly when we reach a certain age, and now everyone seems to be telling that we need to grow out of it! It’s not really about being selfish for the first time in our lives, but when we are children we know what makes us happy instinctively.. but we’re told over and over again to behave, pipe down (or pipe up if we’re introverted!), calm down, learn this, sit down.. endlessly to fit into social norms. And the ‘good’ children are the ones who do. I was a good child – my parents taught me to be seen and not heard. Now I find it hard to express myself in front of people who I don’t know very well and I don’t much like being the center of attention. I still wonder how much of this is nature and how much is nurture.. I find myself constantly torn between just wanting to be myself, my shy self.. and wanting to grow in to the confident speaker and leader I could potentially be.

    • Michelle I love all the points you bring up. I think an introvert still wants to express themselves so for me its more nurture than nature, we do have a lot of memories of being repressed. Cant wait to see and hear more of your confident speaker and leader. I think you have more of that than you recognize.

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