Polite Power TV – Episode 1

Wishing you a New Year of open dialogue, fire, and abundance in all you desire!

Launching the Polite Power TV to share my opinions about what Polite and Power has to do with being a woman and embracing Le Chic Living.

I welcome your opinions, questions and thoughts.

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Polite Power TV – Episode 1 — 7 Comments

  1. What do I think about power? I think power is really getting to understand yourself deeply and then standing firm in who you are. So many of us lose ourselves over time and really don’t know who we are any more. I love to help people understand themselves through astrology and then to live their purpose by creating a business built on their own strengths.

    Louise Edington

    • Louise yes love your definition. Astrology is perfect to help people live their purpose and I am excited for you.

    • – Congrats to both of you! (Jen for pairing up with Michele, and to Michele for your ucpoming addition to your family).If you ever need to take on another associate photographer, I could take all your newborns off your hands LOL. Seriously though, good luck to both of you! I’ve admired Michele’s work for a long time, and have been enjoying watching Jen grow as a photographer the past year as well.

  2. Power – strength from with in! Our femininity, our emotions, our desire to take care of others, is very powerful to me.

    Gratitude Coach

  3. I love the video blogging (or vlogging)! People always think that being polite is being a pushover. I totally agree with you, that you can be powerful without hurting anyone, without being mean or nasty, while being considerate and thoughtful of other people’s feelings. Keep up the great work on your Power TV episodes! 🙂

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