Polite Power TV & Love

This week Polite Power TV is all about love.
Self-love.   How much do you love you?  Can you indulge yourself?

Do you have a question or a thought you want to share?  I would love to hear it.

Passion and Polite Power is not for sissies.

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Polite Power TV & Love — 8 Comments

  1. Love the admonition to love ourselves. Trapped on the comfy couch and letting life pass me by is a dread I have, though sometimes I have to admit it’s part of my descent before coming up and out and creating, as you say, my own adventure.

    For me, one way I can love myself is to remember what are the things I care about, and what are the ways in which I can show up in my life, caring for myself in the same way.

    Great video, Jen!

    • Dear Vicki, 🙂 it is funny how we forgot us in the rush to do it all right. Yes sometimes sitting on the comfy couch is a great way to adjust to new growth, and you have grown enormously.

      I like the idea of remembering what you care about and the ways you can show up in support of you. Thanks for the compliment, I am getting better with more practice. lol

  2. Love this. Love myself. It gets easier as I grow older to catapult myself off my comfy couch and claim my own happiness. With my mom dying, it’s been interesting for me emotionally. Lots of taking care of me right now in preparation for her transition…

    • Dear Laurie, Thank you. I totally understand how challenging it must be, to witness your mom dying, and applaud your taking care of you. Yeah, sometimes the growing wiser with age thing really does make us more present for us. Offering you much love.

    • Jen,You remind me of the Staples coraemciml where the happy father is racing down the isles with a cart and the kids are dragging along behind him. One of my grandsons thought he might just take a year off. (He’s in 2nd grade). We told him he could pretty much forget it.Gretchen

  3. Loving the video! Your words make me think of the Tarot Card known as The Fool / Wanderer: The Adventurer who starts a new adventure, not taking the baggage of the past with them, but just going for it, just because they can 🙂

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