Post Christmas Reflections

The frenzy of Christmas & Chanukah is done for another year.  As we race toward the finishing line, I picture miles of holiday wrapping curling and bunched up in joyful abandon.

Trees still sparkle with gratitude as we toll the good bad and ugly lists of 2011.
Time to reflect back and cull the moments of merriment and misery.

When I turn to gaze back,  I am glad of  what this year gave me.  Growth,  tears, love and laughter.    I can leave 2011 knowing that after many years of fence sitting, I finally jumped.

Living in denial had been so cozy!

Till finally I had no choice. Family, friends & mentors rallied around to support me.    I opened my heart, and allowed grief and growth in. I am awash in gratitude for my luck.

If you are a stuck place living in fear and denial, declare a goal of where you want to go, and take one step.  Release what was and embrace the best of what is.

Don’t over think it or replay failed relationships or events over and over again.

Forgive yourself.  Forgive those who have wronged you.  Let go.  Move forward.

No matter how painful it seems.  How frightening.    Remind yourself you gave that relationship everything you could at the time.

To flourish in spring means cutting down to the roots in fall, for a richer, stronger blooming of fruit, shoots & leaves.

Sing in the shower.  Look into the mirror and find joy in your heart, wisdom in your stance, compassion in your eyes.   You are a woman who has lived, loved and struggled.

Now its time to ROAR with joy.     Small moments that gather in your heart and explode in a swarm of butterflies flying upward in a burst of color.

Joie de vivre,



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