Put your feet up

Decorating for your selfish spiritual retreat or not, every Cocoonista needs the Perfect Footstool, ottoman or tuffet.  Or at least something to put her feet up.   Curling up, lying down. stretching out or even having a place to put your books, magazines, cup of tea,  or your little puppy.

Ottoman's have so many uses.

You need a footstool
So I decide to troll the world wide web in search of a footstool, ottoman, hassock, footrest, tussock, bench, pouf.

Storage Chic Massoud Lagoon

the British English Dictionary says
“a low support on which a person who is sitting can place their feet.”

Omersa Dog Footstools from the Interior Design Hound

The ottoman entered our living rooms through the French. They invaded Egypt. Discovered the stools that tortured citizens used to rest their weary feat. The ottomans did it.  Don’t know what else France took back but the footstool was the latest craze back in the late 18th century.   Designs have expanded since then, and they still are the perfect spot to put your feet up.

West Elm Gradiated striped Pouf is fun.

A footstool can make a statement about the kind of woman you are.  Or where you visualize those hot shoes or pink toenails.

The Windermere Footstool is earmarked for the bedroom although I can see it adorning a Le Chic Cocoon

Grace home has a delicate look

What do you think?  Are you a footstool lover?  Which footstool captures you imagination?

Round and Chevrons? I am in love, Horchow has the best ottomans!

Which hassock would be  yours? Share your favorite footstool or how you love to put your feet up, in a comment below.  Every Le Chic Cocoon needs a surface to rest.

Joie de Vivre,


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