Recycle, Reuse, ReGifting

Funny how we spend so much time collecting things, and then so much time trying to get rid of things.

I love the inspiration and mission behind

and organization dedicated to reducing landfill by repurposing on purpose

“Our mission is to build a worldwide gifting movement that reduces waste, saves precious resources & eases the burden on our landfills while enabling our members to benefit from the strength of a larger community.”

what a noble purpose.

So many treasures with history

And how delightful to think that object we no longer need, that are gathering dust in a corner, can breathe and be appreciated in another’s life.

A nation of corporations that have spent years making stuff, spinning us into buying something new with the buzz of  what is “in” or  getting us hooked on trends.

We buy things out of compromise, either because we cant afford better or because we cant decide.

We inherit items we don’t really like

Items break and we cannot fix them

We don’t know enough about what we should be buying.

This is where you need an expert like me to help you.

Pay now for good advice or pay over and over for lack thereof.  The choice is yours.  The landfills are jammed with mistakes.

or we buy things for a purpose, and then the purpose disappears

so we are left with mounds of stuff.  Hard to think about the landfills.

Filling our earth, the space that births us, protects us, nurtures us,

and the result, in our effort to create beauty around us, we create destruction and decay in our planet.

So take a look around your home and see what you can live without,

sign up on to share with others, in your community

Things that you no longer need.

Perhaps you can change someone else’s life Today.

I recently had a conversation with some one about all their books they are keeping because they cant bear to let go. They are not reading them, nor do they need them.

I point out that those books, in order to fulfill their duty “to be read” must be shared.

Spread some kindness, good karma and sharing and give away what you no longer need or love. Someone nearby needs it.

If you are shopping for something consider buying a piece of someone else’s history. Check out your local charity shops like Goodwill, or American Cancer Discovery Shops.

You will be donating to a good cause and decorating your home.

If your home is full because you cannot decide  how to make it a glowing reflection of your life, call me Jennifer Duchene  650.644.8592

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