Regina Garay of Garay Artisans Part 1 : Design Focus

I met Regina Garay through twitter  @fauxology . I was captured by her beautiful faux finish posts, and her all embracing nature, her kindness, her warmth.

Regina Garay smiles big

I am thrilled  to have had the opportunity to Twinterview her,  and to share some of our conversation:

Regina used to be in the music industry. Her roommate was a screen painter.  That is how Regina discovered her passion.

She took classes and practiced on her family surfaces, and the rest is herstory.

Regina shares an inspiring book: David CarterThe Complete Book of Paint.

What really makes you laugh?

My husband and my brother. I live with one and work with the other – and they are both witty and fun. They have an amusing way of viewing the world that makes me laugh out loud.

What is your favorite element of the design biz?

There’s something new every day! I work with a lot of  Interior designers, so I get to do different things, mainly in commercial spaces. Restaurants, Hotels, Boutiques. Designers are always coming up with new ideas It ‘s a really cool challenge finding new finishes on a budget.

What is your biggest strength and how do you communicate this to your clients?

Seeing the big picture – samples, fabrics, flooring, furniture…helping clients to keep balance.   Regina always makes samples of the finishes she has in mind to use.  Non designer clients can get overwhelmed by choices.

What has been your biggest challenge or roadblock with regard to maintaining & growing your business?

The word “faux” – getting over the connotations that it is just sponging and ragging.  There are a lot of clean modern finishes that don’t include the aforementioned.  Regina thanks social media for helping to educate clients in the amazing world of faux.  Including murals and the incredible mirror finishes that Garay Artisans is now famous for.

Have you modified your pricing structure or any business strategies in the past 12 months?

Yes, also our finishes with products and layers.  We want to have fewer ingredients and steps but still the high flavor.  Being forward thinkers has helped us move with the times.  We can be more efficient and cost effective, and still offer and excellent product.

What key strategy have you implemented to help keep you focused, on track and motivated?

Being disciplined.  Establishing timelines and strict priority lists.

They create a schedule for where they need to be in a project on a daily basis.  Regina says they learned this the hard way, through trial and error.

It is so true that to be successful in a small business requires attention to detail and to costs.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competition in the faux finish biz?

I think the blog, Fauxology has helped with that, in establishing our credentials and expertise. Designers call us to say I think you are the only one who can understand this project.  Product knowledge & going above and beyond in the research stage.  If someone calls and wants a particular look, say French Country Regina and her team know exactly what to do.

Tune in next week for part 2 of Regina’s share.  Find her  @Fauxology on Twitter and  read her blog

Discover  Regina’s favorite things, & more  on Decorating Diva interview.

What do you think about faux finishes and where would you chose to have this done in your home?

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Regina Garay of Garay Artisans Part 1 : Design Focus — 2 Comments

  1. Jennifer,
    It’s been such a pleasure to “meet” and chat! Thank you so much for conducting this lovely interview. I appreciate the time you’ve taken for me and also showcasing others in this beautiful industry of ours. Look forward to meeting you one day!

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