Retreats for women include treats

My life is moving into a whole new space.   I am walking through our three rooms ok three and a half.  Eeny meeny miny moe.   I am moving.  Again.

I have the movers booked.  And a temporary space to stay.   So all my worldly goods need to be confined into a storage box space.

In the interest of embracing trust and unknown changes, I am feeling the need to let go of so many items I am connected to. Pieces that hold a visceral sense of who I am or who I thought I was.

Strange to think that I travelled a road, collecting, gathering & building a nest.  Planning how our future would be.

And then one day the mirror shattered.  Must begin again anew.   Plunge into life as a new born. Even though I some would say I am past my sell by date.

It feels odd. But I do trust.  I am ready to embrace change.  I just received my new Reminder Cards created by Jolene Setterfield. The card that jumped out at me was the Embrace the Unknown card.

I have also had reminders to bang the drum (socialize) and to connect with my inner artist.  I have let her languish in the dark for too long.

Inspired by a Twitter chat #DesignTV with Amy  @abcddesigns & Jonathan  @jonathanlegate I decide to troll through some websites looking for what I want now, to gather interior decorating concepts to share with my clients, and to kick my creative side in the butt.  To get me inspired. Excited for my new journey.  Many roads lead from this home.  No road is the wrong one.   What matters is that I gather only what I need to get to my first Spiritual Retreat.

I feel breath fill my lungs, my soul, with hope.   Destiny awaits, with human lessons, tears laughter and joy.  I am beyond ready for joy.  What about you?

Do you have a mood that you are trying to create? Is there a special piece that you long to own, that you know will inspire the new you, whether you are travel to new worlds or staying in your present one?

I pulled my room together on Olioboard.  What home decorating ideas are calling you?   Selecting decorative items that spoke to me, with no preconceived ideas, I find I am drawn to a feeling of old comfort

I am flying down a memory lane that I have not traveled, but I am willing to sink into, nonetheless.   A book room, an adventure to remember room, and expansive space that leaves me with room to breathe.

Reclaimed and renewed items, a tufted sofa, a patchwork rug, tasseled drapes…

What special shapes colors or things are calling you home?

No matter the space, no matter the shape of your life, a little retreat with treats, even if its only a small vase of flowers, or a special cup for tea.

What little luxuries will unfold the magic?

If you are longing for a retreat that allows you to renew your inner woman call me,   Jennifer Duchene 650.644.8592.  or join in the conversation with a comment below.

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Retreats for women include treats — 21 Comments

  1. I can feel through your words that you are simultaneously here, with us, and a bit apart, letting yourself drift through a place of spirit and openness. What a time for you! You give me the courage to simply sit with myself and let color/shape/space come to me in its own way and pace, to let my imaginings be open. I have been clearing out this week as well–got through a closet with vengeance and delight!–and though moving slowly, can feel the relief that comes with letting go and being available for what’s next.

    Sweet journey, Jen!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    “My cat owns me, my clutter stymies me, my writing frees me. Word maven loves—and learns from—ordinary life.”

  2. Where ever you go, you will bring with you THAT which is always present, cannot be altered by circumstance, and is uniquely yours, yet shared with all living things. And of course, your own sense of wonder and your passion for creating living, breathing spaces that delight the senses and leave the oh so fortunate recipients with a feeling of renewal.

    Go forth and triumph, Dear Jen!

  3. After my father died, my Mom had a kind of “melt down” and cleared out the whole house. She threw out everything including all my college stuff/photo albums..pretty much everything etc from my childhood, so apart from what i happened to have taken with me when i went to live abroad i had nothing left. That doesn’t mean i have no memories but I do wish however that i did have some of those “old” things from that time in my life as it would have been nice to have them when i am creating special places for me in my home. But life is a journey and we must move forward not back

  4. Purging and recreating is truly a freeing thing, even though it feels scary to let go of “stuff” sometimes. Last year, I had the great honor of doing an interview with Toni Ahlgren, a Bay Area Professional Organizer. One wise point she made is that our stuff holds stories and usually there is no audience to hear the stories so they can then be put to rest. It’s SO helpful to have a friend or hire an organizer to help because they are objective and unattached. It helps to clarify what to chuck and what to keep :–)

  5. It’s amazing what a blank new space can become. It’s like a blank canvas and you get to create something new and beautiful. I’m still trying to create my Diva Den, but having a hard time getting rid of a piece of furniture that will help me do so. Soon I hope 😉 Always a pleasure reading your blog. But when I create my space I definitely see girly and hot pink.

    Alara K. Castell
    Your Sassy Spiritual Guide

  6. I am sure you will create a beautiful new space that reflects all of what and who you are, Jen – and done with beauty and grace, I might add. I always viewed moving as an opportunity to start anew with belongings that meant alot to me, displayed in just a different location. Right now, my new power color for decorating is a deep red. Preparing my Diva Den very slowly!

  7. I know you must be feeling a complexity of feelings right now, and I hear a little trepidation, but I feel EXCITEMENT for you. I can’t really explain it, but there is an underlying energy that I’m sensing and I like what I see in your “olioboard?!”

  8. Moving is one of the top ten stressers in our society, however, it can also be exciting and renewing. I hear a little of both in your post, which I think is healthy and normal. You should pause and ponder with your things, that process is part of your journey. It will be wonderful, and exciting, and of course, because it’s you, the new place will be beautiful!

    Best to you!

    Lisa Vitale

  9. I didn’t realize you were moving…it’s a big deal and overall I believe very exciting. With your artistic talent who knows what you’ll create in your new space!!
    Brandy Mychals
    Creator of the Character Code System

  10. Sigh – moved so many times I know how you feel! I am always better when it actually happens than the during the build up. When it’s there I just get on with it and move on happily. Me – I’m still looking for the perfect chair for my Diva Den – I want a chair not a chaise and I would love a really comfortable supportive wing backed arm chair – always dreamed of owning a chair like that. I shall find it.
    Louise Edington
    Fearless Over Fifty

  11. Wow Jenn, you’ve got losts going on….and when I came here yesterday I got siidetracked on the Spiritual retreat that I forgot to comment…lol! I love that you are letting your self just go with the flow, feeling, and enjoying the ability to start new…fresh. Your new place will be a wonderful reflection of you as you create a space of love and creativity. Can’t wait to see pictures! Enjoy this transitional time….as best you can!

    Rita Brennan Freay

  12. I’m so impressed with the attitude you have about embracing change.I’ve moved so many times in my live and it’s always been so hard for me to be “un-rooted.” I’ve lived where I am not for almost 23 years, the longest I’ve lived anywhere in my entire life. I think the next longest was either 3 or 5 years, including as a child. I’m not anxious to move again but if life gives me that challenge, I hope I can embrace it with the grace you are. Once again, you inspire me!

    Susan Berland
    A Picture’s Worth

  13. Poetic. When one door closes, another door opens. When you walk through that door there’s a room with four more doors. Which one will you enter?

    I love the idea of you being a new born baby, Jen, as you’re ready to be molded as well as to mold. You’re the perfect product of your past, and the creator of your future. What are you going to create today?

    Alicia Dunams
    Creator of Bestseller in a Weekend
    Author, Speaker, Self-publishing expert

  14. Jen, what a poignant portrayal of where you are in life…letting go, moving on and clearly taking yourself with you. The eloquence of your words is reflected in the elegance of your olioboard and your hunger to create a place that nourishes you. It is never to late to be born! I recently went through this with making two unexpected moves in the same year, yet attracted a place where my diva den is not a spot in my home, but the whole upper floor! I purposely chose a deep red as my focal point and accent just because I had never decorated with it before and it was time! I hope you will continue to share this expected unfolding with us.

  15. Women are coming together at such at rapid rate these days! Yay, for women’s retreats. I could definitely do some sprucing up in my space. I moved here a few months ago and have been so busy that there just hasn’t been time. And yes, transitioning can be tough. Keep on moving forward!!

  16. We have an interesting cleansing happening at our house right now too. We live in my husbands childhood home, which he received after his mom tragically dies of cancer at 53. It then burnt down. He has keep this STUFF, that he salved from the fire (first in storage, now in the garage). Last week he said is is FINALLY ready to call Got Junk and clean it out! YAY! That is such an important thing for our home to be fully abundant again!

    Ann Evanston
    Lead. Empower. Own.

  17. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for this update — surely just the beginning of a long series. Excited for you! I bet most of us fail to realize how frequently our old windows close and new windows open. Your sense of fresh wonder and openness is bound to help you develop magical spaces, and I look forward to seeing what you create.

  18. So much to let go of…and so much space then available to create what is deeply, essentially YOU. We all await the glorious butterfly which will emerge from the chrysalis. With the strength & grace which seem to come so naturally to you, the results can only be extraordinary. You’re not moving — you’re taking off, soaring. And there’s lots of wind beneath your wings, just remember that…

  19. I love these words: “I am flying down a memory lane that I have not traveled, but I am willing to sink into, nonetheless.” Such beauty in this imagery.

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