Royal Insight Weekly Feb 15-21

We are getting closer to the Full Moon on February 22nd.  This week prepares us to reconnect with our core.

It s a time to release the old stories.  The ones that brought you here. Beloved you are being asked to go deeper, go beyond what is supposed to be or has been. To your core truth.  Balance what you desire with how you relate.   Feel those old pains that still linger because you have not really let yourself sit with the hurt and confusion.  Feel. Acknowledge. Release.  Make room for a new way of being!

Learn to love you more. Use the expression – “No one owes me anything” to truly step into your power.  Be powered by self.  That is freedom.

When you know that you must love people as they are, no through demand rather through understanding, everyone does what they need, for their own reasons.

Therefore you are free to set your boundaries, feel your feelings, declare your needs and act to suit yourself.    That way you have more to give, and less stress to put up with.

Have a glorious week.


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