Royal Insights Weekly – April 4 -10 2016

April is fully in her stride.  New month, first new moon of this Lunar cycle that begins our year. 4 calendar month, 13 universal month and the week begins with a 4. Focusing us on letting go of the old paternalistic way of being and doing, giving us the freedom to bring a new world order into reality.

13 Lunar moons, 13 the number of the Divine Goddess ignites these new roots with a deep enigmatic shift.  A bold breaking away from a broken system makes room for new foundations.

13 inspires our creativity and our sense of purpose, shaking up the status quo and putting us to work.

13  breaks through stuck patterns so that we can rekindle the fire within us.  We are experiencing a renaissance.  This is the number of the Phoenix.

Getting organized, clear and deliberate is the way to firmly plant these new plans.  The old patriarchal methods are disappearing and we are being given the opportunity to build a world that is not run by fear or greed.

New Moon on the 7th helps us shift with great insight.

Love & Royal Crowns,


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