Royal Insights March 20-27, 2016

Sunday the 20th in the Spring/ Autumn Equinox this year, when both night and day are equal.  A powerful time to balance our bodies with the world we live in.  To connect deeply to the relationship with have with Gaia.  Mother Earth.    We are made of earth and stardust, water and bones.

On Tuesday just past the midnight hour in Universal time the Lunar Eclipse happens.  This is on a 23 day which is a 5 of Freedom and the Sun and Moon are at 3 degrees.   Joyful, expansive, expressive. We are being urged to find the truth of our message within our creative, curious, playful, childlike energy.  Find our roots.  Beyond the illusion.  Lots of emotional energy at play as we fight the old dragons of how it has supposed to have been.   In that fire we are burning of what has been the illusion keeping magic and our true royal sovereignity at bay.   Now rise the Dragons of Lore, to take us on a road trip of  our lives, if we are willing to follow the flight.    Nothing is as it was, so everything is up for change.

Dreams are being Drawn.  We emerge into the age of the Practical Dreamer.  We have completed a cycle and begin anew.   If you would like to receive these weekly video reports in your inbox sign up here.

Love & Crowns,


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