Royal Insights Week Feb 29 – March 6, 2016

Final day of February. What a year it is already. So many shifts and here is the magical 29 of February.
29 is a master number equalling 11, that creates and 11:11 kind of day. If that is not all the universal number is 22, which is also a master number which like the 11 adds up to a number that is part of the manifestation triad.

This week is a leap of faith.  From the doorway into new territory.  We are in the making of the Age of Aquarius.  This final day of February is in Pisces, that watery place of release of old prisons.

We are about to enter a new month.  March is a 3 and a 12 universal month.  This month we use our voice, and the joyful love for ourselves to creatively express who we are.

To stand strong in our own two feet, grounded, connected and building bridges to greater community.   We are being invited to let go of what has brought us to this point, so we are free to fully express our truth, as we make new a world we desire to live in.   Action is needed in the form of choice  (that 2 again) to let go of what is familiar, to play in the field of dreams and possibilities.

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What brings you JOY?

Love  Jen

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