Royal Insights Weekly April 11-17

This week we enter the Passionate Portal of clearly seeing illusions that have stymied and stilled us. The Opportunity to be Empowered by Choice – letting go of what has held us imprisoned. Our fire is being rekindled. What will rise from the ashes?

This week we meet the 13 which doubles the 13 of the month and triples the 4 of building a solid foundation and gives us a 17 day that brings us to determining what we want to take forward. Destiny is awakened.

Sunday the 17 repeats the 8 sparks the 4 of April bringing destined events and creating a 21 universal day. Yes the truth will set us free, if we walk through the gate that forges a new path. Take a trail you have not yet taken.

Mars goes retrograde Sunday 17th universal time and on this side of the pond this occurs on the 18th. When Mars turns inward it gives us a chance to light the fire within.
To ignite our passion, fuel our drive.
Mars is in Sagittarius right next to Saturn (also in retrograde right now). Saturn rules order and attending to details. A very different energy to Mars. Both are being roasted, shifted & tickled by Jupiter (ruler of Sag) aided by the 13 (universal number of April) of unexpected changes. Bringing our desires out into the open – to literally speak our truth. Travel, broaden our perspectives, expand what is possible and create new laws & systems.

Fasten your seat belts and bring your megaphone. You will want to Reveal what you release. Laughter and love help ease the bumps.

Love & Crowns


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