Royal Insights Weekly April 18-24

We have a busy week of Transformation.  Two planets go Retrograde. Mars turned retro on Sunday 17that 8 degrees and Pluto went retro Monday 18th at 17 degrees.   Both 8’s    That in itself is extraordinary.   Watch my latest video to get a feel for the energies this week.

Mars is the planet of drive, passion and focus.  Where we get fired up.   Sitting in Sagittarius,  which is ruled by Jupiter (opportunity) at 13 degrees.(in retrograde)  Next to Saturn (order) at15 degrees (also in retrograde).

So we have 4 planets in retrograde and Mercury will go retrograde next week.   All these retrogrades are bringing an internal change within us.   We are in a 13 universal month, a number of death and renewal.  Pluto is a planet of death and renewal.    13 is a 4.   Number of earth and when the 4 & 8 meet there is a destined quality in play.    We have a full moon on the 22nd  another 4 and 8 are activated.     Jupiter and Pluto and the numbers inspire us to take root, expand our presence in earth and how we relate to earth,  spiritualize our experience and suspend our disbelief.   Abundance is awakened.  Passion fired up.    We are birthing new experiences, a new way of being.

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Love Jen

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