Royal Insights Weekly April 25- May 1

Final week of April 2016 – we are moving out of the going to ground energy of death or disremembering which forces us to find new discipline to create what we want to bring into the world.
Traveling from 25th day of insight to 26th day of strength, wanting the truth of our personal message and meaning (in life) to lovingly be heard. This is the song of our own making.

Balancing the inner and the outer.  Dark and Light within.  Giving space for all things to exist so that each of us is fully expressed, cells nourished, so that we can walk toward the holiest of mountains – meet all parts of who we are as a whole.    Live fully present on this earth, alive and present.

Week ends in day 1 of May.  New beginnings as we enter a double 5 month of freedom, adventure and sharing that message, to clarify what we believe and what we desire. 1 of new beginnings soaked in spiritual alchemy.  Giving you love and a focused abundant energy to start you on this adventure of knowing and speaking your mind.

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus on the 28th.

3 weeks to let your deep truth rise up to meet your shallow awareness.   Subconscious Moon meeting your Conscious Mind.    Opportunity beckons, dreams rise to meet matter.  All is possible. You are being given the drive and awareness to bring your sacred desires alive.

Love Jen



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