Royal Insights Weekly – March 28-April 3 2016

Expect the unexpected as the Universe gives us a big shake up. What you have know to be true, is no longer true.  Or its clearer than ever.    Watch this weeks video to here more about this week’s energetic weather So here we are.  Last week of March, first week of April.   We move from a month of engaging old ways and composting it all (a 3 calendar month/ 12 universal) into joyful curiousity using deliberate and focused rooting in who we are.( 4 calendar month, 13 universal) Loving up our home, accepting who we are, and consciously discarding whatever is no longer useful for our shelter and happiness.

Find the place within you to let go of what has held you doing things you don’t believe in.  It is a big leap, and none of us are exempt from being in the thick of reinventing our own wheel of fortune.

Love & Crowns,



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