Royal Insights Weekly – May 16-22

Another week of adventure, that brings us closer to exploring our truth,  Getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

May is a month of change and this week we are releasing what stops us from welcoming the path we must walk to go where we have yet to go.

We must begin to take fresh action. To go beyond keeping quiet about how we feel, burying our truth will not create freedom.   Freedom requires learning new things, facing and speaking about situations that scare us.   The most sacred of intentions of the 5 is to be present with the present- your presence is requested and required. 

Fully alive and attuned to what is going on, taking advantage of what opportunities are in front of us.   We cannot have a different experience if we refuse to act differently. If what you are doing will no longer serve you, know you have the courage and support to respond in a new way.

Full moon happens on Saturday, inspiring us to let go of the old, to make room for the new.

Love and Crowns,


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