Sanctuary of Chic

I believe every woman needs her own space to luxuriate in.

As women we may all have a need to be cosseted and cherished.  Desire that room we can retreat to and rejevenate in.

Yet we don’t all have the same taste when it comes to how that Sanctuary of Chic should look.   That is why I created my Library of Chic Cocoonery.  Le Chic Living means celebrating life on your terms, in your style.  Everyday.   There is no need to settle for what someone else thinks is chic, trendy or must have.

Golden Yellow Woman's SanctuarySanctuary of Chic I created on Olioboard.

You are the mistress of your castle.  Whatever secret space fantasies you hold, honor them. Whatever your style.

There is no shame in loving who you are.  If you are drawn to classic style that evokes sophistication and simplicity, or ornate divalicious embellishment, find a way to bring that out in your own space. Sometimes it is as simple as the right pillows and frame on the artwork.

The ultimate elegance of luxury is being true to your inner she.  No matter what others tell you about what is in or out.

Creating that personal space can be a challenge.  Sometimes because of space. Maybe you don’t have a spare room and must double up your office or your bedroom

Or it could be denial.  That ugly beast of old that raises her head to tell you that having a space of your own is selfish and you cant afford it.

Don’t get bogged down in the details of excuses and punishment.   Accept on whatever level you can that you are a woman who deserves a secret sacred center. That you are powerful, beautiful and deserve to express your voice in a room of your own, even if it is a corner.

Branch Art

Branch Art

Take some time to walk your space and seek out possible rooms.   Dream and be inspired about the feeling you want your room to evoke.  Tear out magazine pictures and create a scrapbook for your Sanctuary of Chic.  Gather pieces of the puzzle.  Cherish your budding dream.

If you had a room what is one thing you absolutely would want in there?  I would love to hear in a comment.

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Sanctuary of Chic — 4 Comments

  1. How lovely to read your blog here, Jen. I always find your images and words soothing and restful, just as I want my space to be. My goal with my larger space (my house) is eliminating clutter and creating minimalistic, light-filled, open space, and that is what I want from my private space as well. Your question is a wonderful one–what one thing would I want? It has to be a structure (whether a desk where I sit or a desk where I stand) to support my writing. Most of the time I am standing, but sometimes it’s so nice to cozy up to a small desk and have a very contained feeling where I write. Thank you for your encouraging words, to remind me of what I deserve!

    • Dear Judy, thanks for your lovely words. Eliminating clutter is a good place to start to bring in the light. Five minutes a day can quickly make a dent. I love the idea of having minimalistic light filled space and I hope you create that in your space. I totally can see you cozying up and writing. Happy to remind you of your worth.

  2. I am already planning my new space in my new home in California as you know 🙂 I can see and smell it in my mind. My two special chairs, my books, my Native American drum that I bought last week, my big wooden desk in front of a window with a view….. Mmmmmmmm

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