To Trust Your Knowing is to live from a place of wonder and joy!

To not trust your inner wisdom is to be lost in the fog.

I picture the sacred interior space inside each one of us as the core of our individual truth. Waiting for us to plug in and hear our guidance.  Together let’s sweep out the cobwebs and dust bunnies, remove outdated agreements, blocks and blinders, so you can freely and joyfully live from your inner wisdom, trusting your knowing.

In our sessions together, I draw from my bottomless bag of illumination tools including mastery in Astro-numerology, Akashic records, Light Language, the Illuminating Journey Cards and ability to be a clear channel for my clients. Together we shed light on your fog, find answers, dissolve restricting and outdated patterns, activating an action plan to integrate the transformative shifts into your daily life.

Even after one session, my clients report feeling “lighter,” clearer, calmer.

It’s not that something’s wrong with you – it’s getting to what is core within you. Together we strip down the old beliefs so you can see things differently. Your experiences may be the same – life still happens – but when you trust your knowing, and live your wisdom, you see things more clearly for what they really are. Then you can move forward without attachment – or being prisoner to – those experiences around you.

When you trust yourself, you no longer crave outside approval nor validation. Your sacred inner core expands, triggering more joyful experiences and responses.

Make no mistake, soul work can be messy. That is why I highly recommend a series of sessions to build a smooth and lasting transformation. As we go, we’ll dismantle additional previously unseen blocks to shape a new, more awakened way of being, so a new future for you can unfold. Your life will never be the same!


You are held in a safe, loving container, comfortably supported as we laser focus on your most pressing concern. Perfect way to explore this work or to deep dive on a particular issue.Includes:

  • 60 minute session –  phone or Zoom
  • Post-session check-in 

Contact me at or use the Contact Form if you’d like to sign up.


  • 3 x 60 minute sessions – phone or Zoom
  • Post-session check-in and support 

Contact me at or use the Contact Form if you’d like to sign up.


You are held in a safe, loving container, comfortably supported as we dial into the deeply revealing meaning and potential held within the numeric soul code guidance you were born with.  Discover the what, why and how of what makes you tick. Includes:

  • 3 x sessions of up to 90 minutes each –   Zoom (recorded)
  • Post-session check-in and support

Contact me at or use the Contact Form if you’d like to sign up.

BUILD YOUR TRUST – bundles of 6 and 10 session and support packages available.   

You are held in a safe, loving container, where you can openly explore concerns and receive supportive healing guidance. We dive deep into the areas that are keeping you in the dark,  illuminating your wisdom and developing your trust! Includes:

  • Pre-session set up.
  • Sessions up to 60 minutes each by phone or Zoom 
  • Post-session check-in 
  • In-between email support/text support
  • Tools to help you integrate self trust into your life.

When we work together you are not alone, you have me as your guide offering support, compassion, direction and clarity. Together we create an a safe and nourishing space to illuminate every step of your journey,  

To find out more, contact me to set up a complimentary no-obligation chat with me, so we can connect and determine the best fit to help you get what you need.

“Working with Jen Duchene has been such a life blessing to me. She helped me to answer so many “Whys” in my life,  clearing and releasing what I no longer need. I am so grateful to this wonderful, beautiful and whole-hearted woman.” ~ Mary B., 

“I have been doing so well. The healing in the Akashic Records has made me feel so much lighter, the anger is non-existent. If you are needing clarity, clearing, or finding your way get a reading NOW! Jen is so tuned with the other world and this reading had allowed me to find my next steps in life. Highly recommended!” ~ Lorena B.,

Illumination for self-revelation and self-revolution — Your Life will never be the same. Your search is over. You’ve found it.