Shifting Scared to Sacred

Just the other day while I was in a fit of fear, drowning in the spit of scared, I stopped up short.
I had one of those serendipitous moments. Sacred and scared, two words with the same letters. In fact by slipping the c into third place I have a shift. A complete transformation. My heart immediately lightens. I feel shelter like wings soften my tension.

How can anything sacred hold fear? My Le Chic Cocoon, my holy place, my room of Retreat, my bower of delight is Sacred to me.
So sacred and fill with awe. A power that has nothing to do with ego. I feel solid in love, love for this woman who has endured and has arrived at a place of deep joy. Nothing can stop the flow. No mortal will hold back the golden voice of the songbird at my throat. She sings a honeyed liquid truth.

One letter changes everything. How simple life is, and how complicated I have made it. Creating layers of stress and overthinking, twisting my body into a pretzel to hide my light. Bending down to be trampled upon.

Who asked me to wallow in grief? Who told me I am a slave? All these years thinking that a polite woman had no power. Who imprisoned my dreams behind a wall? I did..

I hid out of fear. Scared. I used scared as a shield. So I wouldn’t risk my heart. I had locked up feelings so tight, there was bramble growing around it. I felt like sleeping beauty, lost in a dream world. Waiting for someone to bring a fat sword and heat enough to melt my barriers. I kept getting the card that I can choose to change my boundaries at any time.   Getting the card with the answer. Do you find yourself walking blind even when walls support you?
When scared blossomed into Sacred, I felt the walls shifting, sliding back, waiting for my command.  I capture the castle and it is mine to rule!

Hiding behind a wall of indifference, cannot melt the pain.

Floating up through scared to discover Sacred. What beauty lies beneath that glorious winged beast. What about you? Is it time for you to shift from scared to sacred?
Are you ready to be your own Royal Being and cut the bramble out of your life?

There can still be thorns, but let it be to protect not to keep out. How do you reach in and bring out the power of your Polite woman ?

What shift can you make on your journey to Sacred?   Are you waiting to be rescued, or can you save you?   What do you think of Polite Women and Sacred knots?

Joie de Vivre


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Shifting Scared to Sacred — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you for this inspiring post! As I’ve just entered my 5th decade, I am realizing that it’s time to correct the spelling and enjoy the Sacred essence of my wonderful rich, sometimes complicated life! Beautiful images support your clear insight Jen!

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