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Perhaps the most significant connection of  a design show experience whether its Highpoint North Carolina, Blogfest 2011 or The International Contemporary Furniture Fair is the lasting friendships one forms. Many of us have already become friends on Twitter or facebook. Suddenly we get to meet in the flesh.  How profound that hug is.  When all feels right about that moment.   The excited cry when the person next to you realizes who you are and cries out “I love your tweets.” In turn you are equally bedazzled.

I wish I had pictures of all my lovely friends who made this Market so special Lisa Kahn, John Strauss, Elaine Williamson, Donna Hazzard, Stacy Naquin, Leslie Carothers, Carmen Natschke, LisaFerguson, Jenn Brouwer, Pandora de Balthazar, Julie Bova, Daniele Hatfield, Brandon Pierce, Bruce Barone, Wanda Horton, Olivia Millwood, JoeRuggiero, Maybelline Te, Susan Rapp, Jennifer ReynoldsAnsley NguyenChristian May and so many more people I adore and passed, met new or missed in passing. 

What a bevy of beauties ready for the Architectural Digest Party


Similarly the new friends that charm and delight one.  When we go home that chord is not lost, the happiness lingers.  As we touch  support & rejoice in spirit through the mystical web.  The law of engagement that has us engaged in a friendship that serves us all.


As I grow up I know that  nothing is more powerful than the  human connection.  I treasure the knowing and each experience that brings.

Deepening friendship is like a blossoming flower.  As it opens, more beauty is revealed.  When we lean back and chat about sailing ships and sealing wax and the trim on a chair, or a trend that inspired.

I dont think of Social media as a village, I think of it as Clan.  Where we pick who we want to live with. Villages are often full of people we don’t want to mingle with. Clans are our chosen boon companions.   We travel side by side in different places.


Reaching out and connecting with people in facebook and twitter is so delicious. The sweetness of knowing people who share our passions.

Ties are deepened when we solidify the bond in person.  Reveling in belonging to a community of people who get us.  Who understand our quirks and rejoice in our oddballness.


Everytime I am astonished at how easy it is to go deep. Plunge into conversational pit  ala  pre Highpoint Tweetup


more lovelies

Gathering of friends


How did we get started on the reptile brain conversation? That is a link that will garner laughter forever in a corner of my mind.


Or go into the significance of design and tweeting. How the personal connections exploded into business connections.  Reminds me of that old saying: “Its not what you know, but whom.”


My friends who generously introduce me to their friends.  Who invite to events I did not know about.  A big circle of people helping people. Did I mention Laughter & Tears?


I am charmed by the syncronicity of it all.

Bruce & Brandon

Bruce and Brandon ponder the Reptile Brain Question. Does it exist?


Do you find magic in social media?  Has blogging made you feel a deepening link to people you might never have met?

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Social Media, Social Meetings — 4 Comments

  1. I love meeting online friends in real life. My first online/offline meetup was via CompuServe, Waaaay back in the 1990’s. Fun!

  2. I am discovering the magic is social media as I experience building relationship in this way. And blogging has really made me consider what I have to offer, it’s also made me more present to my everydays

  3. I have embraced blogging and social media. Somehow someway I am going to figure out how to combine design and social media and make this my second career.

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE this Jennifer! Thank you so much for sharing. I agree that ‘the happiness lingers.’

    When we finally match a face & hug to a tweet, status update or blog and finally realize that those long hours spent online with each other – supporting, educating and encouraging across the miles rewards us with the building of our clan that makes us the person we were meant to be!

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