Soul Expression & Number Magic

banner for number magic4Go from confusion to Confidence,

Light your Inner Glow

Join me, Jen Duchene, your La Chic Speak Soul Translator

for a special kind of workshop

Soul Expression & Number Magic

Uncover secrets the numbers hold, that connect to your soul vibration

Discover the Alchemic mystery of Numerology, and what the Ancients knew. Your strengths, challenges and even what you are here to do, are hidden in the numbers.

Crack the code of who you are to increase confidence, and prosperity. Unravel the mystery your top 3 numbers reveal. Experience the profound connection, safety and recognition of your truth.

Tap into the vast library of Akasha and what it means to you.

Explore the link between your blue print and your potential, in a field of power and wisdom beyond your imagination.

Connect to the transformative vibration of unconditional love held in the Akashic Records through a group visualization.

Delve into delightful exploration, among friends, nibble on tasty food, expand your knowledge of numbers 1-9, and learn how the universe is part of the equation. Discover your personal shift number, and how to use that to divine your fortune.

Get creative with your Soul number and the Art of Number Magic with intuitive play and fashion a card that speaks your language.

Indulge in a fabulous expression and exploration of the deeper meaning of your Divine life.
Send me your full birth name, full birthdate, time and place of birth
(if known) so I can prepare your numbers in advance.

Let the magic begin……

Workshop  $97.00 

Special package for workshop attendees

Workshop plus 60 min Astro Numerology and 2 x 60 min Akashic Reading Sessions $397

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