Soul Reading, Catalyst Clearing, & Bonus Mini Numerology Report

Soul Reading, Catalyst Clearing

Plus Bonus Mini Numerology report

The other evening I had an interesting experience. I had a reading given by Jen Duchene over the phone. I have never had a reading before-ever. The time and space was surrounded by an aura, I surrendered it all (the tension, expectations, busy thoughts) to Jen and she guided me through an hour of heightened awareness. I like to think of myself as a woman of heightened awareness, but she drew out things that I didn’t know were stirring underneath – yes, that’s the way to say it. The reading ended with solid ideas, smart ideas, simple but profound, to well, improve my life – things that are completely doable, that I should have know to do but didn’t and that are all well advised. I didn’t expect that. 

Jen is awesome!!    Susan S.

A Soul Reading that connects to the deepest part of you.  Answers to those puzzling questions and challenges, with practical steps you can implement right away.Energetic Healing that lightens that heavy feeling that seems to keep you feeling clouded and unsure about what to do next.
60 minutes live reading and healing, specific to your needs.


Mini numerology report, included, that will give added insight into what your day of birth, life purpose and destiny number reveal, plus your soul and personality number.

Buy now and claim your spot.  Only 10 available at this price.

Soul Reading/Clearing

+  mini numerology report


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