Soul Pillow Salon

Calling all visionaries, creators, free spirits, pioneers and soul seekers.

Welcome to the Soul Pillow Salon, an Illuminated space and ‘Sanctuary of Knowing’ where we gather every month to gain clarity, reconnect to spirit and disperse the fog.

If you

  • have ever struggled to belong, fit in, dumbed down your brilliance or hidden your glow so others would accept you
  • are seeking a safe place to understand what the universal and life messages mean, how to work with them in your own way, 
  • are looking for a deeper connection to your heart and soul and want greater clarity
  • desire a space to be supported and nurtured

You are in the right place

Welcome.   You may have been squashed down or denied your own voice and now you are ready for something different.

You are not cookie cutter material, waiting to be spoon fed. There is passion building inside you burning to rediscover yourself, to do the unexpected… and to live your life in alignment with your divine trueprint instead of by the limitations of what you see.

You are ready to nurture yourself, and activate your sacred ground.

Lay claim to your Soul Roots.    

While you may be very “successful” by the old paradigm standards, with all of the external ‘trappings’ of life that you once thought would make you happy – the house, the car, the wardrobe – you are waking up!

And your true desires go far, far deeper than material possessions.

Perhaps you are drawn to the esoteric,  sacred geometry and personal development. Maybe you feel like you have lived a past life as a “Secret Keeper”,  healer or member of a Mystery Circle, which has bound you to behaviors and secrets from the past.

Patterns you have outgrown.

Yet they could still be holding you stuck, unable to fully speak your truth, limiting your abundance, restricting meaningful relationships, stunting your spiritual growth while keeping you fogged up and confused.

Here is what you know…

  • You are intelligent, emotionally empathic and connected, primed to break free from old conditioning and responses.
  • Done with taking orders from others about who you are supposed to be.
  • Poised to go deeper into your own experience, whatever that looks like.  Yet you are unsure how to belong as you truly are.
  • This world holds profound secrets and knowledge, awaiting translation, that will help you determine your own path in your own way.
  • You are inviting the clarity and support you need, in order to reignite your wisdom, trust your knowing and hear your guidance.


What is required of you in this lifetime is for you to fully express the ‘secrets’ that you ‘know.’ So you begin to reveal who you truly are and easily shine from your soul, pillowed by love.

Even though the universe has been communicating to you all your life – you may have missed the nuances and nudges because you’ve forgotten the language the universe uses to communicate with you.

Numbers, symbols + imagination are doors to your soul

I’m Jen Duchene, Akashic Reader and Healer, and I’m here at this time to help you to remember and reconnect.  A translator of universal wisdom, I want to help you remember the language of the universe so that you can use this sacred knowledge to live a delicious, delighted purposeful life, every single day.

I share divine guidance to foster that inner spark that inspires your own genius, engages your imagination and liberates you from old stories and programming – shining enough light to clear the fog.

Sign up to receive my juicy Akashic +Numeric Soul Choice Salons, delivered to your inbox every month. You’ll…

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  • Get specific clarity on how to implement this knowledge.
  • Receive insight on ideal periods to focus on specific tasks.
  • Integrate the messages of the month with bonus healing meditation and creative action.

$290 a year ($58 saving)

 $29 per month

Payment Options

Bonus 1Custom guided healing meditation from the Akashic Records specific to the monthly energies, that will help you dissolve no longer needed contracts and contradictions and integrate what is in motion.

Bonus 2 Monthly creative prompt inspired by the Illuminating Journey Cards to stimulate your connection to your creativity and abundance.

Bonus 3 –  Monthly Live 60-minute Q&A for personal questions, quick readings and guidance around issues that are coming up.

Downloadable for your listening and awakening pleasure. Delivered by email.

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$29 per month or

$290 for the year (two months savings)

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Cancel any time.  You will be billed once a month 30 days apart.  No refunds on paid months.

We are living in strange times, ones that require you to focus on what you want to materialize, because you are a co-creator of your reality.

When you trust the universe and choose to live by its guidance – you discover the deeper meaning of your life and you LIVE IT!

Come alive AGAIN with the music and messages in the symbols and step into your  divine TRUE print!  Get support and sustenance to put your soul glow on.

 $29 per month

$290 for the year (two months savings)

Payment Options


What people are saying about Jen’s insights –

“Jen Duchene has an amazing gift to clear out old patterns of thinking and cobwebs in the subconscious without infringing on my autonomy. Working with her has strengthened my healthy sense-of-self.”

~ Taiza P. Salt Lake City, UT

Jen’s unique gift with the Akashic records allows her to go deep, deep, deep into the spiritual field and untangle, release and dissolve those attachments that no longer serve us. The process is so very gentle and highly, highly effective.

~ Hope S. Columbus, Ohio

Jen Duchene’s calling is to help truth seekers find their light in the fog, so they can trust their wisdom, follow their guidance and freely engage in a delicious, joy-full life, without fear.

Out of her bottomless toolbox of mastery in Akashic Records, Astro-numerology, intuitive gifts, and signature Illuminating Journey Cards©, Jen serves as a clear channel to give her clients accurate translations, release of ‘emotional weight,’ and fast-track healing.


The Light in the Fog is — Illumination for self-revelation and self-revolution — Your Life will never be the same. Your search is over. You’ve found it.