Spiritual Retreats bring home the power

This is a journey I begun about five years ago, needing to work and not knowing how I could earn a living and do what I love, I heeded career change advice by beginning to manifest what I have long wanted to do with my life. To change from being a creature who was defined by her roles, to becoming a women who embraces and rejoices in following the master path, her destiny her life’s purpose and her life’s lesson.  I am still on the path, but I don’t feel anything like that meek mouse who began the journey.

A couple of months ago I went to have my hands analyzed

This is actually a scientifically based process, which I was not aware of.  I like many others labored under the misconception that analysis was like palmistry.  This has nothing to do with the future and everything to do with reading our character.

Each of us has a life purpose and a life lesson. There is also something called gift markings. These can and do change. They are compulsions we are meant to follow, and if we do not we pay the price.  Apparently only a small percentage of people have these markings.  I discovered I fall into that group.   Not only that, I discovered that I am not a freak.   I guess its true that at some level we all want to belong, and have our voices heard.

Deciding to run my own business, after looking at what my options were,  has been an essential factor in discovering who I am, under the layers of expectations and limited beliefs that have smothered me for nearly half a century.   Eighteen months ago something happened.  I moved from standing in the shadow to being in the light.  What happened?  I started taking some spiritual workshops and doing some interior listening. My soul was so thirsty, It was like I was dehydrated inside. I was turning into dust.

People don’t believe me when I talk about being a shy little mouse.  But I was. Horribly shy. Blushing and cringing in the dark. So no one would discover that under all those layers there was nothing.   When I started my business I could not even articulate a sentence about what I did, without sounding apologetic.   Networking, connecting and moving into the light did something for me.  It gave power to my voice. I found the power within in spiritual retreat. The shadow of who I am becoming was a whisper then.  I did something that altered my brain. I was able to face myself in the mirror and own up to self truths I had lied about to myself for years.  I owned my culpability.

Discovered without truth there is no real power.

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Spiritual Retreats bring home the power — 10 Comments

  1. Interesting Jen. I love getting to know you better and I’m really not surprised at how much we have in common. I too am an introvert by nature, shy, retiring etc. Moving a lot as a child forced me to learn to come out of my shell a bit and even more so in the fashion business when I had to give presentations to large groups etc. Finding our voice and walking in our light is the most important thing I think we as women can do for our selves and the world. I congratulate you on your commitment to your Self.
    In my spiritual tradition we capitalize the first letter of self when we speak of our higher self or greater self or god self. We will have much fun getting to know each other and I fully support you in your process. It is ongoing as I still discover every day.

    • Irene it is so interesting that we have so much in common. I guess that is why we are drawn to one another. I would never have expected that you are an introvert, you handle yourself with such confidence. I like the idea of using Self as something important and worthier. Thanks so much, I cant tell you how much your support means to me. Yes we will continue to have fun getting to know each other and exposing more of our Divine Selves.

  2. I LOVE this post Jen! your line “My soul was so thirsty, It was like I was dehydrated inside. I was turning into dust” is an absolutely divine phrase, and I think a lot of us can relate to that sentence.
    We’re all on a journey — at our own pace — and it never ends. pretty great, huh??

  3. Will you stop making me cry woman! Our paths are so similar right now. Most of you only know me since I burst onto the scene after doing SNCC. Before I was a miserable, lost soul and that line “My soul was so thirsty, It was like I was dehydrated inside. I was turning into dust” is very apt for how I was feeling. For me my spiritual journey is discovering the power within me and yes, turning from a mouse into a lioness. Now I seek inspiration everywhere to continue this journey. From books and calls, webinars and videos but most of all from all the wonderful women I am getting to know who are on this path with me. I also hope to help and inspire many more women as Coach on SNCC. Oh and I’m crying again now!
    Louise Edington
    Facing Fears For Freedom

    • Dear Louise, you dont know how much it has helped my journey, knowing that you are out there, with all the other wonderful women I have met, and the inspiration, has given me the courage to keep going. You have me crying now. I used to be a teapot and now I am a watering can!

  4. Jen,

    Such a fitting picture for such a beautiful and thought provoking post.

    I’ve never heard of hand analysis, but you’ve sparked my interest, especially reading how much you’ve got out of it.

    I’m really happy to have met you on this journey, it’s very exciting and none of us know where it will end, I’m just determined that when the journey starts to make me unhappy I’ll change direction.

    Annette and Snoopy

  5. Oh my! Your blog “Home Transformations” is truly about transforming your home (yourself, your body, your mind, your soul, your energy, your being). What an amazing gemstone you have become!
    What I find most inspiring: that little shy mouse decided one day to step onto that big grand path and put itself on a journey where once started there was no way back. I guess you knew you wanted something else for yourself and you knew something bigger was waiting for you but I am sure you had no idea what it would really bring. And as you have become this amazing shining woman, I can tell that you are thirsty for more light. Your thirsty soul is being appeased,

    Franziska San Pedro

  6. I love your photo! and how you are so open and compassionate and willing to share your epiphanies with us! I too have always been one to prefer to stay in the background and truly not desire to be in the spotlight. Now, as I am past 60 years old, I am beginning to feel much more comfortable in my skin and not as worried about what others will think, although I still have that need for approval too! I also relate to your discovery that your soul was thirsty and that tapping into your spirituality and looking at yourself though different eyes helped fill that emptiness. My way of renewing myself and quenching my thirst is through spending time alone with God in reflection, prayer and praise. As I am getting to know you through your posts, I am inspired and your words give my soul a feeling of joy and peace. I hope you will continue to share, Jen!

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