Spot the design trend.

I am dotty about spots, and stripes.  So of course I latch on to spots when the design trend comes rushing in from  a past heaped with rounds.

Life and Le Chic Cocoon is better with spots.



I had a spotted room, shared with my sister. I must have have been five.
My mother made this impossibly frilly room for two tomboys.  Filled with tripled spotted tulle. White with red dots.  Red piped toppers  that fitted the bed over an explosion of spotted tulle.

We had her kidney shaped Dolly Varden dresser from her youth, complete with a pleated skirt of spots’ I was always fascinated by the “skirt” with fabric .

I would have adored a spotted rug

Spotted rug spotted on Layla Grace

My gran wore spotted dresses in navy and brown. Those were her colors.

For me whenever I think about spots, gingham is not far behind.  Which then triggers rick rack,  white lace trim, bobble trim and seersucker. and daisy chains.

Sophisticated spotting at the Elle Decor House in NYC May 2011

All these fabrics bring that sense of freedom I remember feeling as a child.   I loved that coltish power and energy my body held. The freedom to follow ants building castles,  stroll the neighborhood and  bury my nose in the grass.

Maybe that’s why we are all over these sweet joyful patterns and trim.  There is a childlike glee in something being exactly what we say.   In building castles in the rooms we inhabit.

Not in that stuffy princess way with scratchy clothes that dont let us sit down.  But in the ease of slipping back into happiness without cause.    Skirted benches with a bit of leg showing.

Spots on walls, floors, cabinets and hugging windows give us reason to laugh with life.

Spots look good on furniture. Spotted at the Contemporary Funiture Fair in NYC 2011

I definitely would not cover every surface in spots. I do like the idea of spotting the room, or covering an alcove.   All those spots, checks or stripes do need some strong solids to rest the eyes.

In a Le Chic Cocoon  I would spot my ceiling, and have the walls painted a rich jewel hue.

Or I might enjoy siting on spots.  One chair that sweetly speaks to the child within.

Textures could sing. Spots in hide are so luxurious.  Glass spots add a mecurial magic.

Glass shapes from a glass artist. Spotted at NYC Contemporary fair

Merging the child and the woman.   I like.


What about you?  Do you adore spots or could you leave them?  What patterns call your inner child to play?  Leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

Joie de Vivre,


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  1. I haven’t had spots in my life for years but I once had a spotted dress, red with white spots and my girls still have it in their dressing up box! Maybe I need spots in my life again.

    Louise Edington
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