Reducing Fear Step One

Fear is an emotion, that carries a lot of weight.

For good reason.  Fear is a warning, either to beware of danger or information that doing something different will take you out of a known zone.  Often our reptile brains assume that something new is not safe. Actually doing what damages us repeatedly, is less safe.  Here is step one to moving past fear to action.

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Stagnation is destructive.  Everything shifts and moves, like the tide coming in and out.  You can be a stone buried in the sand and still the water erodes your shape, topples your balance, bringing you to your knees. Moving you along despite resistance.

I was motionless for a long time.  Waiting for life to open her arms and tell me she loved and approved of me, that all my suffering was going to be rewarded.  But life doesn’t care for gestures and sulks.  Only truth in action, that walking towards her, in willingness. I could wait for things to get better, but as long as I expected my life to be cured without my participation, nothing I wanted was going to show up.  I was afraid to speak up in case it offended someone, or got me booed off stage.

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My precious life was on hold and had little to do with my desires or passions.  With very good excuse, since I was terrified to own up to my ‘shortcomings’,, and what I could not predict nor plan for.  As I watched the water of my life change my shape, I found the strength to move into action. Tiny steps toward the sound of the secrets buried within me. Once I shifted how I was looking at ‘my truth’ I discovered a treasure chest of riches. I contained so much more and had so much more than I had seen, when looking through fear.  All signs pointed to what was possible, if I was willing to begin to actively engage in the dance.   Like the quote from The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo- “He had to chose between thinking of himself as the poor victim of a thief and as an adventurer in search of his treasure.”

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Looking back I can trace the 3 steps I took to turn my mess into movement. Shifts require choices and with the first difficult step taken, each step became easier, with a new viewpoint – that adventurer within me awakened. Changing from comfortable to uncomfortable is a cycle I have grown accustomed to and I now recognize those flutters in my stomach as excitement.

Here are the 3 Steps

1. Decide to do something different.
2. Choose what road to take.
3. Ask for help and be open enough to receive.

Read more about Step 3 here.

Step 1.   Nothing changes if you sit in your living room, polluting the energy pool with regret, or complaints. Ironic, but the more you fret about what is not working, the more you are drawn into that place of lack, and the greater the fear that divides you from what you desire. That universal principle of what you focus on expands at work.


How do you let go of what you know, to get what you want?  First of all, you don’t need to know the details, only the next goal. Our thoughts are insistent suppositions. Minds love the familiar and forge  a groove in our brain, so if we “get off track” panic rears. Thinking too much stops action and creates reaction.  So it is essential that you do something to move the needle out of the groove. Let in the light with creative exploration.  Whatever that looks like to you, it can be sketching, journaling or walking.   Barbara Stanny’s “Overcoming Underearning” book very motivating when I was first getting started.

Begin creating in the present, you are on your adventure right now. How you react, who you want to be, is freely available to you at any time. Fear is not your master unless you give it that power. Take charge of the words you think, speak and breathe, and accept responsibility for making decisions, that feel good.   Shift your perspective by looking at your life as something you get to shape. Fear doesn’t disappear, it morphs, and becomes less about doom and more about the excitement of becoming more of who you are here to be. Once I started appreciating what was around me, humming to the song of gratitude, life started to shift, and those shadowy fears began slipping away.


Doing something different, making a choice that is new, is scary.  But all journeys require a decision.   Should I stay or should I go? Is the left path better?

Truthfully a path is just a path.  It is the attitude you bring along that changes your experience. When you make up your mind to face up to the first hurdle and prove that fear is not the answer, you create room in your heart and head to see more and be more. No one else is in charge of your life.  It may feel like it, but how you react and what you react to is entirely up to you.  Yes, you are that powerful. Try it.  Next time you feel totally irritated about standing in line for instance, decide to take control of how you react.  Smile, relax your stance and jaw, and feel the tension float off.  You are in line for a very good reason, enjoy it.

I chose to change big and small things about myself, on this adventure, signing up to let my wings emerge.  I went beyond the first Akashic Reading because I wanted to hear with my ears what my heart had been hiding.  Every discovery has brought me closer to my gold. Choose to go inward, to discover the breath of your soul.

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Reducing Fear Step One — 6 Comments

    • Dear Susan,
      I love perfect timing. Yes Paul Coelho is some dude for sure. I am delighted to share some noggin treats.

  1. Jen,
    Thank you for these wonderful words of wisdom. Its funny how I know how simple it is to shift my thoughts from fear to action, but I still forget to do it when I so need it.

    Thank you for reminding me of how important it is to just change my mind. Keep up the sharing from your heart.

    • Dear Linda

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. We all need that reminder every now and again (or at least I do) that we have the power.

      Thank you for your encouraging words, it gives me courage to keep writing.

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