3 Steps to stop feeling pushy

Episode 2 of Polite Power TV answers the question.How do I stop feeling pushy? I am not a pushover. but I often feel like I am too pushy.

I share my simple three step process to break the habit of pushing through to get what you want.

What do you do when you feel pushy?   Do you feel more like a pushover or are you caught between the two?  What do you want to know about Polite Power?

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3 Steps to stop feeling pushy — 4 Comments

  1. Love these tips. There is a difference between being pushing and asking for what you want or need. When you use these tips, it allows you be present to what you need and ask from the heart, hence not be pushy!

    Susan Berland

  2. Great steps my friend yes. I also find it helpful to breathe and to think love before a difficult conversation.

    Louise Edington

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