Sun & Moon more than orbs in the sky

A new moon rose January 20. A double 00 meeting of mind and heart. Sun and Moon nestle next to one another on the new moon, for a birthing and lie opposite each other on the full moon (the completion). Isn’t that fascinating?

Why do Diviners go on and on about the MOON?

the moon named

The moon represents our emotional home, those watery ties to who we are beneath the surface.  Our physical home is a scratching post for what really lies beneath.  Knowing who we are on a core level is so intriguing and magnetic. Which is why those tests on desire and personalities are so appealing.We are drawn to these bodies of discovery because feelings rule our lives. A creative urge begins the journey to self express.  To understand our path.

The feminine energy in our souls clings in our bodies,  and when we are in hiding gets covered up with weight, clothes, all manner of pretending.  I can laugh about it now (with deep compassion) because I have been there.  Hiding is safe habit for me, been doing it for a long long time. Happily I have found a willingness to shed those layers, a work in progress still.  So give yourself kudos for staying on the trail, where ever you are right now.

When you think about it, the Moon, our mother, our secret self, is full of water.  She controls the tides after all.  Water can be crystal clear, cloudy, calm, shallow, still, swift,  a deep liquid swarming with all manner of beasties within.   Water helps us navigate those tricky depths and flow around the distractions. Water just keeps moving with the life that moves within it.

The moon in its purest form is a diamond, a hard crystal that gets to the heart of the matter.  The Sun on the other hand is the surface of our life.  Walls, bricks, straw.  The impression we stamp on the world.  Our conscious mind that materializers the magic of womb and imagination into tangible form. Doer in the light. Our Hero – prime real estate because it is the result of achievement that gets us to do more..  we want our day in the Sun.


So where the Moon is soft and secret, with hidden caves, the Sun is fire, it ignites, & energizes everything.  Lights the way, encouraging exploration and development.  Many people, including me get really miserable when too much time goes by without the sun shinning his bright yellow shield of gold in the sky.  We even celebrate achievement with golden statues, in honor of the sun.  Gold is precious because it truthfully speaks of wealth in a way we understand and connects us to the alchemy or making hay while the sun shines.  The Sun is the warrior within us, the challenger, father and provider.

We get emotion churned up in the moonlight, dreaming of golden palaces.  Building castles to self expression, joy, well being and abundance. The sun reveals our imperfections and lights a fire within us to dance in the do.  The Moon dreams and the Sun weaves.

Intention is the fire that births sand into glass.  Idea into matter.The Moon listens, the Sun brings the tools.

Silver and Gold, Hot and Cool, Masculine and Feminine, Inner and Outer, Fire and Water, Gold and Diamond, Movement and Stillness, Father and Mother. Truth and Lies, Shadow and Light. Action and dreams.

All of it a vast treasure chest awaiting our pleasure, we can dig into and dress up depending on our needs at any moment.  A vision needs a place to gestate before birth, and these jewels of sun and moon provide a cornucopia of possiblity.


The moon reminds us that we need to listen and act in order to materialize well being and prosperity into our lives.  Like the sun and moon, working in tandem, bringing us light all night and day.  Every vision needs power and action (from the sun) and meditation and sleep (from the moon)

Life, legends and legacy all needs the mother and father, heart and thought, light and dark to bloom and blossom.

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