Why you need to trust your intuition now

New beginnings can make us want to curl up and hide.  Or dance in the rain.

I am curled up under the blankets.  I want to dance in the downpour but I am too comfortable to move.  Poised for change, and listening to my intuition.  Perfect energy for new beginnings.


March, a 10 Universal month, has been all about new beginnings. Perhaps like me, you revisited a frozen half forgotten moment from your past and let go of an outdated emotion? Started down a wet and wild soul path.

1 and 0 signify the beginning and end. Old and new, and everything in between. Nothing is sacred and all is significant when you strip down to bare beliefs and build up again.  Universal code and binary forms get your soul motor started  by signaling us when it is time to begin fresh by laying old beasts to rest. Composting means there is more room for something different. Often we shift without thinking because without a road map or compass things just seem to happen. And that can bring unexpected weather.  Being a number junkie and an astro numerologist gives me insight into this journey of growth, what is coming up and why.  How cool is that?  I get to help my clients discover their blueprint to happiness or at least to transition the waves with confidence.

April bursts in on us with a powerful wave.  An 11 Universal month symbolizing double new beginnings, piggybacks March’s message. 11 is just what it looks like.  A gateway that demands we step through and master the challenge of accepting our bold newness.  Since it is a 7 year, ( 2+0+1+4 = 7) this month is all about trusting your intuition.  Going back to your own basics and building on that throughout the remainder of the year.  What you believe and act on today creates tomorrow’s form.

Seven is a highly spiritual number that requires turning thought into matter.   What matters to you?  Only you can know where you are en route to or from on your path and where you want to land up.  Your belief is a structure that builds up your bridge and umbrella..

And the numbers don’t end there.  April is the fourth calendar month and four shows up again and again as a marker this month. We have a rare Grand Cross which connects the 4 Cardinal signs in a square and cross.  Each planet will be at 13 degrees during the peak, which is a four that signifies death and rebirth. The resurrection.  Think Easter and Passover. Both festivals stand for ends and beginnings that are intense and powerful.  The square creates friction and requires movement or tear to release the tension.  Just like the number 4, which symbolizes laying foundations by changing ideas into matter, more new beginnings.  On either side of this Grand Cross which occurs on April 22 (another 4) known as the architect of peace, we have two eclipses both invoking major energy.   The first eclipse falls on April 13, in itself a four day, intensifying the energy and the second falls on 4/29 which is an 11 universal day.

Change frees you, when you allow it..  April is a month of intense earth shaking shifts, on that demands we keep moving through the fear.  Use the numbers to connect your dots. Seven is about nature and nurture, eleven is asking your to move and shake it out and four is telling you new beginnings are an opportunity for you to set the foundations to manifest what you want to see in the world.  Revolutionary and revalationary is all in the numbers creating that renaissance to be you down to your soul socks.   Lean in as much as you can to welcome the shaking if you can’t cope ask for help. Eleven or two ones become two which is the number of connection and communication.  Hone your intuition to navigate this month of opportunity. and become a wiser and more effective team player,

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