Royal Insights Weekly April 18-24

We have a busy week of Transformation.  Two planets go Retrograde. Mars turned retro on Sunday 17that 8 degrees and Pluto went retro Monday 18th at 17 degrees.   Both 8’s    That in itself is extraordinary.   Watch my … Continue reading

Color New Year Bold

2014.  The new year has arrived. With Pomp and Circumstance, and the color purple. Plus dragging of feet and whispers.   Finding freedom is not a job for the faint of heart. It takes digging into your soul, and in your … Continue reading

Angels and Feathers, Design Trend or lifestyle?

We are in the thick of feathers revival. A design trend, yes.  I believe Angels are in our midst. Angels and Beasts. Mythology steeped in our history is rising. We are living midst myth and marvel.   Even the Earth … Continue reading