Attention: Overwhelmed, exhausted Women who are tired of saying yes to everyone else’s dreams

Are You Starting to Wear OUT From “People Pleasing”?

If You Want to Set Healthy Boundaries,

Let Go of Resentment,

and Put the Focus  Back on YOU

(without guilt!),

then Keep Reading…

Dear Amazing Woman,

If you’re here…congratulations. BIG step in the right direction.

On this free call, I’m going to be sharing with you how to stop the insanity of thinking about others all the time, and start focusing on you in a way that gives you a feeling of peace, happiness, and RELIEF. 

You’ve given your life to others, and now you realize that taking care of everyone else, worrying about them, and trying to make things better for them is not working.  You don’t know what to do.  Help is here!

My name is Jen Duchene and I help exhausted people pleasers to ask for what you want, create healthy boundaries without guilt so that you can give joyfully, feel confident, strong, and authentic.

Join me on this free 75 minute teleclass: 

How to Let go of “People Pleasing”, and Make Room for YOU in Your Life

On this call, you will learn:

  • How to speak so that others really hear you and actually congratulate you for making room for yourself
  • How to know what you want, so that you can ask for it and have people excited to support you
  • One simple change that you can make to create healthy boundaries so that you feel more relaxed and centered right away
  • A key to unlock your style so you can start living in a way that feels deliciously authentic
  • Exciting details about how to get the step by step support you are asking for so that you can have healthy relationships, stop worrying about everyone else, and finally live the life you want!

Register Here:

Saturday, February 16, 2012
10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern

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There will be a recording of the call, but I really encourage you to be there live.  Why, you may ask?

Because you do everything for everyone else.  And this is the start of making YOU important.  Time for YOU in your life, and beginning the journey of learning about how to live with other people without absorbing yourself in all of their “stuff.”

Because I know what a big deal it is, I’ve got a goodie for the live callers, because I want to give you something special for making yourself a priority. YOU REALLY DESERVE IT.

If you have friends who would be a good fit, invite them.  Nothing is quite as powerful as learning this in community with other women, especially our friends.

I acknowledge you for landing on this page and saying YES to asking for what you want, expressing yourself fully in your life, and to truly have more freedom!

Joie de Vivre,

Jen Duchene