Ten quick tips to create Summer looks

Can do easy changes

  1. Lift the rugs and keep the floors bare or change to grass or indoor outdoor mats. Fabulous selections at big box or local hardware stores.
  2. remove heavy drapes and just keep the sheers or lighten up with a sheer in a summer color – host of fabulous nets for a couple dollars a yard in every color of the rainbow in the dress fabric section. Rattan blinds work too.
  3. Buy or cover pillows in a matching light hearted print. and store the winter weights till the cold comes in.
  4. Add some some plants or a tree with color and texture, change out the pots to match the mood – cover a simple pot in a painted motif to match the cushions or cover in the same fabric. Cut to fit or glue on. or use grass baskets.
  5. Paint the front door a lively lavender or another summer color. Add a potted arrangement to pull the color of the house and the door together, and  give punch. or just paint the mailbox and knocker.
  6. Place colorful doormats at all the outside doors, and add a bamboo screen, or a door curtain, to give privacy while letting in light and air.
  7. Change out the lampshades for lighter brighter textures to invoke the summer mood.
  8. Replace the heavy accessories to accent the summer feel using shells, buckets or string balls and marbles. Glass containers add light, mirrors reflect.
  9. Change the art – family photographs at the beach, shells or picnic scenes. Strawberries. Whatever brings sunlight and warmth to your heart, and echoes your theme.
  10. Add summer scented candles, and glass jars with flowers from the garden, and lanterns you can hang indoors and outdoors.


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