I have been on a journey of awakening for a long time now, and at certain points I realize that I need some help. I got a strong intuition to set up a session with Jen, and I had no idea the magic that I was in store for.

Jen did an akashic records reading, but more than that. She does these healings and clearings I can’t begin to understand, but I could feel them. I had so many things shift as a result of my work with her, and to this day I’m still feeling the benefits.

Jen is truly amazing. I’m very skeptical of people who do channeling and healings, I’ve been burned a lot over the years. However, no B.S. – she is the real deal. Working with her I experienced real, tangible shifts on things that have been with me for years. I will be back for sure!

Anastasia Netri       www.anastasianetri.com

Thanks again for your good work. I am becoming more grounded and more in touch with myself and my purpose. every day seems to be naturally in place and I find my Heart is open without even thinking about it. I am open and kind and engaged throughout the day, radiating a Love and Compassion for folks around me that is so real and it simply Flows out me. Glad to offer this as an endorsement of your Truly Divine Gifts.


Working with Jen Duchene has been such a life blessing to me. She helped me to answer so many “Whys” in my life, then clear them to release what I don’t need any more. I am so grateful to this wonderful, beautiful and whole-hearted woman

–   Mary Boisselle 


 After my Akashic reading yesterday, for the first time ever,  I know so clearly what my basic life issue is. It is fear.  This realization is profound! I’ve done years of therapy, all kinds of readings, lots of energy work.  I haven’t felt as fearful, so thank you for clearing the fear.

You tied together my love of roses, my devotion to St. Therese, the basis of my business, everything!  So now it’s very clear!  I’m kind of blown away by it all.  All I can say is THANK YOU!!  I actually disagreed with a friend of more than 30 years and we had quite a discussion with no anger.  I would never have done that in the past. I would have just kept my mouth shut and said “Uh huh.”  It’s a huge change and evidence to me of the removal of the fear.   

Elaine Masters


I have been doing so well. The healing in the Akashic Records has made me feel so much lighter, the anger is non-existent.

If you are needing clarity, clearing, or finding your way get a reading NOW! Jen is so tuned with the other world and this reading had allowed me to find my next steps in life. Highly recommended!

Lorena Bathey Publisher/Author  www.LorenaBBooks.com

                                                                                                                                                                 I’ve been trying to come up with words to express my gratitude for information I received through the Akashic reading with you. Being able to dive into my business situation to get more clarity on the direction to go and how I want to partner with it was so helpful. I felt so much lighter about the decisions and going forwardLoved the validation of my thoughts and feelings about it and how to go forward.  I am forever changed from this experience and feel so much happier and lighter.           -Brenda Reiss  Forgiveness Coach


I want to thank you so much for the reading.  It cleared up so many things for me and what you said really resonated with me.  I feel so much lighter, stronger, more confident, sure of myself.  Just unbelievable what a sea change your reading had on my understanding, accepting and moving forward.  Thank you so much.  You are brilliant and deep.

— Ava J.


“Have to share with you how amazingly good I am feeling!! I was terribly depressed and becoming afraid of going deeper into the ugliness of depression.

After having an Akashic reading, for the last three days I am laughing, smiling with true joy and happiness. I am so grateful for feeling good about me and understanding that there is so much to look forward to each day.”

– Tammy D.


I’m very familiar with the Akashic Records and the power within in them. The work I did with Jen was magickal!!! 

Jen’s unique gift with the Akashic records allows her to go deep, deep, deep into the spiritual field and untangle, release and dissolve those attachments that no longer serve us. The process is so very gentle and highly, highly effective.

If this resonates with you in even the slightest way (spiritual nudges can be quite subtle), contact Jen to figure out the next steps. I give her my highest recommendation.

-Hope S.


“I’m still uncertain exactly how to explain the alteration in my consciousness, except to say that there has been one! Some ‘changes’ I have noticed : it is easier to be happy and much easier to deal with stress. I  believe that comes from being in my heart More and in my head Less.

I can say that since the session my ‘self’ awareness is expanded, my idea of what a human being is… For me this has allowed glimpses of better performance, and ultimate  potential. What more could be asked from a single session?? I will sing your praises to anyone who I think will listen.”


“Last week I had a most amazing Akashic Records reading with Jen Duchene. I can’t truly begin to explain what this is all about – I just know there are energies surrounding us that we don’t understand or can imagine, and we can tap into those energies to inform us about our own lives.

AND I know that happened so powerfully during this reading. Insights and truths (ya know when you hear a truth about yourself and it kinda hits you in your gut? Yeah, like that) as well as guidance on next steps to put these insights into action in my life and business. I’m so grateful for this experience – thank you, Jen!

-Bettyanne G.


“After my cancer diagnosis in 2003, I suffered for six years with depression, anxiety, panic-attacks, and PTSD.  I sought relief in both eastern and western healing modalities and therapies.  In a single Akaskic Reading session, Jen was able to summarize years of my healing process into one word, a word that was literally the focus of my healing routines for two years. 

How could she know that information?  She didn’t, my Masters did.  And she shared it with me, and when I heard it, I knew that I could trust the process; as I was being held with grace and love, and gently being led to discover my Soul’s Path.”

 –– Blaze Lazarony, Business Strategist at Blaze A Brilliant Path, www.BlazeABrilliantPath.com


I have had a few sessions with Jen as well as attended classes.  It has been my first real experience with akashic records, and I have found Jen’s knowledge and insights extremely helpful. Not only has the information she has received around various parts of my life been extremely helpful, but she is also great at giving wonderful guidance about how to enact change in your life.  

Oh, and her classes are fantastic too.. a true healer is always willing to help students learn how to help themselves.  I would recommend Jen to anyone! 

-Kristine B.

“What an incredible gift it has been to work with Jen. I’d always considered having Akashic readings or Astronumerology readings for myself, my life, and my practice of tending to self care, but I had never even thought of being able to do a reading for a business venture!

Doing both of these readings (Akashic & Astronumerology) withJen for my business helped me to hone in on our purpose, see with greater clarity how to run things effectively, and what kinds of challenges are on the horizon for us. We also discovered how to work well as a team, and it has saved us from a lot of trial and error that would have inevitably occurred otherwise, using up our valuable time and resources.

With these insights from Jen, we have been able to create a plan that is flowing pretty amazingly, in collaboration with the energy.After starting off with a small group of clientele, after meeting with Jen, we almost immediately doubled in size. As I said, she is a gift. Thank you Jen!”

— Gina Knepell, www.NourishMethod.com


“Thank you so much for your in depth readings yesterday. I got so much clarity out of both of them. You gave me a lot to think about and overcome.

It was interesting how they both ( Astro-numeric and Akashic ) overlapped by answering questions I had been wrestling with all week. Your reading provide clarity, wisdom, and included was a specific action plan for me to follow. I love action plans because it gives me the sense that I am moving toward my purpose in a more focused and purposeful manner.”

— Linda Berger

“Although I had an Akashic reading in the past, it was a different experience with Jen Duchene. She has the ability to express the information she is reading into tangible relatable core issues. I received helpful self-awareness, an almost immediate release during the session, and a lasting shift afterwards. Jen released me from years of emotional baggage leaving me feeling free and empowered.”

— Melissa Heisler, www.ItsMyLifeInc.com


“My session with Jen was deep, profoundly healing, insightful and transformational. Jen created a warm, safe and positive atmosphere in which I could dive deep, feel open in exploring within and ask further questions to foster understanding. The healing that came from the session healed much anxiety within me and has given me more confidence and energy to follow my path.

The insights gained from the session were accurate, helpful and have supported me to make breakthroughs in areas of my life where I was previously stuck so that I can now feel more uplifted, positive and moving in the right direction with my life. I’d recommend a reading with Jen to anyone seeking support and healing!”

— Nandi H., www.lotuscoaching.org



“Jen is the real deal! Her reading zeroed in on my core issue rather than the resulting symptoms and gave me so much clarity on true nature, my gifts and what I need to do to manifest the highest good for all.

With the clearing done during the session, I feel like I’ve released so much of what was holding me back. The rest of the day, I felt energized and connected to spirit. In addition, she is so compassionate you can’t help but find love for yourself and the struggles you’ve been through. I highly recommend her!”

 — A.G.


“I entered my most recent reading with Jen feeling very unclear, anxious and confused about an upcoming decision. Her reading helped me to feel more grounded, connected and open and much less anxious about the impending decision, which made it much easier to move forward. Each time I have had a reading with Jen I finish feeling a little clearer, lighter and with more of an orientation to see and experience the joy in my life. I highly recommend her work!”

— Lisa Danylchuk


“I had a reading given by Jen Duchene over the phone. I have never had a reading before-ever. The time and space was surrounded by an aura, I surrendered it all (the tension, expectations, busy thoughts) to Jen and she guided me through an hour of heightened awareness.

I like to think of myself as a woman of heightened awareness, but she drew out things that I didn’t know were stirring underneath – yes, that’s the way to say it. The reading ended with solid ideas, smart ideas, simple but profound, to well, improve my life – things that are completely doable,that I should have know to do but didn’t and that are all well advised. I didn’t expect that. Jen’s awesome!!”

— Susan S.


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