My Thankful 11

Celebrating Life is Gratitude

Spurred on by my blogger group friends Louise Edington and my buddy Ron Britton of the Grateful Ten

I am sharing all the bounty in my life.  Some people have a Bucket List,

I have a bucketful of Gratitude.

I am Thankful, Grateful & Blessed; a myriad of abundance, a daily deliverance of joy by, with, & for:

  1. My attitude, & good health which make me see life as a cup overflowing with tastes to sip sample and share.
  2. The incredible deep bucket of friends & family in my life, on line and offline, close and far, who have made being on earth a complex, rich joyful journey.
  3. My darling daughter who reminds me every day that life is sacred funny & precious.
  4. My dog Goldie, who teaches me new tricks every day.
  5. Ann Evanston, and her Social Networking Coaching Club who made me get close and comfortable with connecting on the social media highway, which has exploded my world.
  6. Possibilities.
  7. Laughter.
  8. The magic of living in interesting times.
  9. My ability to read and write, which enrich my world constantly.
  10. Music and Dance which fill my bucket, flood my being.
  11. And you, dear Reader, for stopping by to share this moment.

What makes you feel GREAT about your  life?

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About Jen

Jen Duchene Astro-Numerologist, Akashic Soul Reader, Speaker, Author. Facilitating Akashic Readings and Healing plus individual and business Astro-numerology, combining transformative wisdom with sacred soulfulness to guide clients back to their authentic self.


My Thankful 11 — 47 Comments

  1. How absolutely wonderful Jen! My bucket runneth over, I am blessed and grateful to have a friend such as you.

    -Ron Britton-

  2. What a lovely list Jen and I always love the rich language you use. I am grateful that we became friends. xx
    Louise Edington
    International AuPair Finder
    Facing Fears and Frontiers Over Fifty

  3. Try again :). I love the language you use Jen – you always make me smile as you are just so luscious. I found no 8 very interesting but liked all of them.
    Louise Edington
    International AuPair Finder
    Facing Fears and Frontiers Over Fifty

  4. As your newest #11 — I love it!! I am starting off this week thinking of things that I am grateful for and creating my goals for the week…thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. Wow, that picture is amazing, Jen! Love it – you are one lucky woman, and we’re lucky to know you!! Thanks for the great song too, tapping my toe….

    Sharon Hiebing
    Follow Your Dream Compass

  6. Comment no 3 for blogger Monday 🙂 I forgot to say how much I love the photograph. Reminds me of family Christmases back home 🙂
    Louise Edington
    International Aupair Finder
    Facing Fears and Frontiers Over Fifty

  7. sigh… yes – i truly enjoy your list and thank you for reminding me how cool it is to feel grateful AND to tell others. I appreciate my life, my health, my family, my friends – the opportunity I have to live in beautiful California. among many, many other things.

    Feeling in awe of life!

  8. The positive energy that flows from a spirit of gratitude draws more of that type of energy to you. That’s why your picture is so amazing. What I’m most grateful for right now is the opportunities I’ve recently had to travel far & wide and see me friends & family.

    Lisa Ann Landry
    Vibrating Positive Energy to Unleash the Genie in All

  9. Gratitude lists are my favorite, and you have a great one Jen. I always find that I am in a much greater mood when I’m in the flow of gratitude then when I am not. Thanks for sharing yours with us Jen…and I am grateful for you!

  10. I love your gratitude list. At one time I kept a Gratitude Journal and I will start it again tomorrow. Any time is a great time to practice gratitude.

    I am grateful for so many things–my family, friends, precious time with children, sunrises and sunsets, living in the beautiful Bay area which is close to both the ocean and the mountains, my clients, a business that I love, and the freedom to enjoy it all.

    Rachel Lavern
    Personal Transformation, Enlightenment and Development

    What are you grateful for?

  11. Gratitude is something I think some people are more capable of than others…you have a low threshold for gratitude, Jen, and that is wonderful! If we are able to be thankful for the small things as well as the big, it just changes the way we look at everything. Thank you for sharing your bountiful list; it reminded me of so many of the things I am thankful for, too, especially 2, 3 and 9. Blessings to you, Jen!

  12. Amazing photo and abundant list. I especially like #8. I’m here via blogger Monday and what a great post to end with. I’ve been working on keeping a gratitude journal after hitting a few setbacks. It’s really helping. And thanks for the peppy youtube background music.

  13. So very lovely in image, words, and spirit. Gratitude lists abound, but yours holds a genuineness I really appreciate. No doubt you created a beautiful environment to hold that much love and gratitude.

    Judy Stone-goldman
    The Reflective Writer

  14. Jennifer, great list. I was also immediately taken with the photo. Why don’t we use b & w any more, what a great effect. I was also in strong agreement with #4, my two dogs are like my children and they inspire me everyday. Thanks for sharing.

    Janet K. Fish

  15. This was lovely Jennifer. And I was particularly struck by your fabulous dinner photo. It just looks so beautifully homely and connected. Something to really be grateful for. Thank you.


    Fiona Stolze

  16. How can one not fall in love with this list? And I was just about to comment on how beautiful your Thanksgiving table looks when I realized that you are a decorator – so it makes complete sense! Have a wonderful holiday season.

  17. I read your post right when you posted and then I guess I got distracted (not very hard for me) and didn’t leave a comment. I especially love the picture…it conveys such a sense of opulence and gaiety. #3 on your list struck my heart as I feel the same about my girls.

    My friend, thank you for sharing your world with us.

    Darcie Newton
    Using Real Estate to Fuel Retirement

  18. I loved #8 on your list – the magic of living in interesting times. That’s so true right now. Between the upheaval in the economy and the changes in the internet, I could spend all day just following trends and writing about them.

  19. What a great list of things to be thankful for! And I love the picture!

    Jean Bentley
    Connecting Lives…One Cards at a Time

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