The Help and Decorating

I went to see The Help with two very dear friends the other day.   We had a delicious lunch and caught up on the mystical, emotional and physical in our lives.

The Help embodies the essence of life and decorating, At least for me.

An intense visual journey women can relate to, it moved us to tears of pain, and joy.    In the midst of the agony,and ugliness, are the homes and how they are portrayed.

Grand dames, overstuffed and tired, occupied by women in crisis.

Modern sleek all color coordinated whiz American ranch homes where white woman throw bridge parties and live perfectly buttoned up lives.

Simple bungalows of the black women who are silently used to make perfection happen in meals and children at white women’s homes without regard to their own needs.

These bungalows are homey and warm made with love & found objects.  Society in a nutshell?  The decorating reveals so much about what the story conveys….

Their Queen Bee, and naturally every society has one, buzzes and stings, and all obey the outrageous rituals to stay in the circle of approval.. Layers of truth and lies.

Fear and control.  The matching earrings and necklaces, Coiffed hair and outfits,  The veneer of happiness coated in brittle perfection.

The movie brings so much pain about myth to the surface, and reminds me of my book I wrote. Le Chic Cocoon, in which I talk about how women need to let go of myth in order to claim their inner essence. Their truth.  Both sets of women, black and white lived in a bubble, trapped all doing things for appearance sake. So desperate for approval, that nothing is too precious to loose.  Until it is.

Why wait till that moment to discover who you are under your layers?  Now is the moment to create your Le Chic Cocoon, to connect to your real woman beneath the layers. The moment too to reflect if your home, reflects you and what you value.

What are you doing to cherish your inner woman?  




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The Help and Decorating — 2 Comments

  1. That’s a good question. It sends me into meditation for reflection because I don’t think of my inner self as a woman. I think of my body as a woman, my inner self…not so much as a woman. Hmmmm…

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