The Magic Robe

Sometimes women put a lot of energy into making sure the rest of the world is happy and comfortable.  I have certainly put my family first, believing that was the way it was supposed to be.  So much so that I would put my wants on the back burner and forget all about it.  Nowadays I am much more centered and pay attention to my needs.  But sometimes the needs I pay attention to are not the ones that matter.

VignetteMaybe you can relate?  Do you ever think oh I would love this item and then dismiss it, and go on and buy a pie for the whole family to enjoy or have a cup cake instead?   Using food to feel better instead of buying a warm luxurious robe?  Perhaps your stall and switch response shows up differently in your world.

The other day while shopping for slippers with my daughter,  I saw some long cozy fleece robes.   Something inside of me felt a moment of longing.  Like my soul was thirsty for a little bit of luxury.   Since it was the holidays and the robe was on sale, I paused long enough to find a design I loved, and plopped it in the cart.  Suddenly happy, like I had given myself something significant.

When I got home,  I got comfortable and since it was chilly,  put on my new robe.   The soft plush fabric  had me feeling fabulous, although the actual purchase was under $20, the joy was way bigger than that.  Why it was a magic robe!

Donning that piece of magic made me realize how little attention I pay to my body and to small luxuries that make a difference to the quality of life.   I make choices daily but easily err on the side of practical without thinking practical through.   A robe is not a big expense.  In fact I have spent more on a single meal.  Granted a meal is an experience.  Wearing a robe that envelopes one at home, is an experience too. Different, yet very welcome.  I don’t require fancy food or big meals.  Eating out is lovely, but I spend the bulk of my time at home, and my body is part of the equation.   She holds my spirit, carries my human form.  Is the receiver and receptacle of all human experiences.  Without my body, I would be having a very different life, one I am not sure I would enjoy as well.
People say we are spiritual beings having a human experience but if we are not in tune with that human experience much is lost in translation.

How many things do you settle for, or let slide by because it seems like of a waste of money or time?  Those tiny gestures to yourself are the doorway to luxury.   What is luxury after all but the indulgence of body and spirit in small increments? My body craved a cozy robe and I dismissed it.  I, a lover of beauty need daily reminders that life is beautiful through touch, color and taste.   What is your magic robe that can take an ordinary moment and create an extraordinary experience?

If you feel foggy or in pain because your luxury tank is empty, I invite you to sign up for reading to gain clarity and easy steps to climb out of that space.

Love &  Crowns


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