The Sanctuary of a Shower

Next week over a hundred design bloggers  including me, all connected by hashtag #blogger19, and our common experience of NYC and a Jason Wu fashion show, will descend on Memphis courtesy of Brizo. A forward thinking faucet company embodying the art of faucetology, generosity and quality.  Brizo offers many principles and products to bring the spirit of life into our spaces, where we soak in the energy of what we bring into the world.  And they have a plethora of delicious choices.  Since Sacred Space is my passion and how I make my living and can’t help think about how faucets and the connected, pieces that let us turn on taps to instant water, play such a luscious role in the home.  They bring divine sanctuary into our midst.

Brizo DreamShower Illustration

Brizo DreamShower Illustration

The shower is the ultimate sanctuary for the body, mind and spirit to meet in those moments – a different kind of wet dream.  The body is 50- 65% water so in a sense we are at home in a shower. There is a sense of freedom, as the drops hit skin, and open your crown to connection and brilliance.

Vesi is one Brizo option of many spray and water choices

Vesi is one Brizo option of many spray and water choices

So how do you make your experience more Le Chic and indulgent?  There are many ways to create a spa moment even with an ordinary shower.  Besides a full bath remodel there are simple options to bring le luxe to your space:

Changing the fittings such as the shower head and taps can create a pleasurable addition to your day.  Worth at least equal to that daily latte.  If your plumbing isn’t flexible, get creative with solutions, for example adding an ceiling mounted shower head, and using the existing plumbing for an hand held piece. Find some delight by viewing Brizo Shower choices. Adding or upgrading fixtures could mean damaged tiles.  One way to get around the expense of all new tiling is to consider running a stripe down the shower using mosaic or glass tile. Select what will work with existing tile.  Think about repeating that material elsewhere in the bathroom. Maybe create a tray on the counter from the same tile.  A bigger investment could be to re-tile floor or add baseboard trim in same tile.

If you are in renovation mode think about adding a window, skylight or sanotube to bring light into the bathroom.  Water and light are magic together and natural light makes you feel good. If nothing major is an option consider covering existing window panes in frosted window paper to bring in the light without worrying about privacy. The less patterns and the simpler the look you have in the room the more restful. Another terrific way to use windows is to hang a mirror over them to afford light, create privacy and drama.  Get creative by painting the mirror frame to match something in the room.

Bring in more of nature with a straw laundry basket and use baskets or bins to hide the clutter.

Invest in luxury towels, some good hooks and a fluffy bathrobe to enhance your experience. A good mat that works with your lifestyle and decor are a pleasure.  And buy two if you use washable mats so you always have one when you need it.

Splurge on deluxe soaps and shampoos in your favorite scents and good brushes. Hang a soap holder in the shower so you aren’t bending down to get the soap.  Bring in a stool or a chair to add some ambience and to throw your robe on, so you feel good even before you get in the shower.

Pipe in music in or have a cd player if that appeals to you that you can sing along to in the shower.  What are your favorite ways to shower?  Share a comment on the blog.

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