The Seduction of Design Curves

Design begins within us. A human need to replenish, be reborn, and find joy in our surroundings . Nature is stunning in all her outfits. Including the woman’s form. When I saw these photos on my friend Veronika Miller of Modenus wall from MineHeart from her 3rd annual BlogTour London 2013 I was reminded that design supports our bodies, minds, growth and our need for beauty..

The human experience is expanded by design and we can plot the trends based on the collective consciousness of the moment. Whatever her shape or age, a woman holds sacred knowledge, triggered this year 2013 of transformation and the Divine Feminine.

Our time has come to rise up with passionate fire, hence all these rich, red and pink showing up in footstools, walls and on floors. The plush fullness of padded seats ignite our whalebone and soft underbelly.  There is much celebration afoot.

Red Painted Georgian Highboy

Red Painted Georgian Highboy from 1stDibs

Undressing memories and slipping into new beliefs, has many quoting the Dalai Lama’s words that the world would be save by western women.   Well, if women are going to save the world they need physical support in a room of their own. Soft furs and feathers to cuddle in, flowers underfoot to walk on, and bold truth telling blues to temper the reds.


Shot by Modernus at MineHeart London Tent #BlogtourLondon

Feminine energy that is uncoiling within all of us. Ready of not, the lines of living rooms are shaping into slender and curvaceous pieces. There is a fairytale energy that has beauty as the Beast. You don’t have to be a woman to save the world, but you do have to sit down in a chair that sparks fire, comfort and cushions your bum. Sink into sinful softness, love who you are, express it freely in the richness of line- whirls, curls, trellis and texture. Those overblown roses and fantasy.  Large paintings, lace and pearls. Herstory is shifting.  Beneath the softness lurks the steel in bronze, gold and glass.  Sharp, shiny and precise. Celebrate by bringing in a piece, whether on shapely legs, brightly colored or makes a statement about the new woman on the wall, raising her spirit and glass, drinking in life with vigor and vitality..

The world and design are collaborating to remind us of the power and magnificence of a daring and complete woman.  Decorative details are in vogue, elaborate creations and flights of fancy.  Lush fabrics, draping, and clear boundary of pelmets.  Control and abandon, echoed in the mix of elaborate formal throwback with an added edge.

To save the world or your world, you must be tough enough to carry a sword and use it if necessary. Ride the rising tide and conquer fear and too many pillows. Fear not the hard edge or the urge to express you in all kinds of ways.


Tufted couch shot by me in San Francisco at HD Buttercup

What do you think?  Are you being drawn to the pinks and reds that spark love, lust and determination in your breast?  Do the rooms draw you out in a sensual seduction and promise?  Are you excited to express yourself in a room of your own or still on the fence?


Joie de Vivre,


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The Seduction of Design Curves — 17 Comments

  1. That Thebe’s bench is remarkable! I love it and want to sit in in (maybe hold court!) I see that piece and others with new eyes as I read your post and think about women, power, sensuality, art, and expression. It’s extremely empowering, and I don’t often think of furniture that way. You bring so many interesting perspectives together into the topic of design, giving me such novel ways of imagining space and furnishings. You are a creative gem, Jennifer!

    • Dear Judy, I always am fascinated by what you share and so glad to have you thinking of furniture in a new way. Everything is connected. Thank you for that lovely compliment Judy. So appreciated.

  2. I saw the word “seduction” and I was hooked lol Yes I do find myself lately more drawn to feminine colors, and finding a peace within them, choosing the more subtle over the flashy recently…as I embrace my divine feminine. love it! xo

  3. Jen, I really like how you connected the rise of women to the changing design trends. I just did not make the connection before, but it makes perfect sense as everything is somehow connected in our world. I was reminded of the Heian period of the Japanese history, in which women ruled the literature because guys went to fight with the Chinese or study there. So the women became prominent writers, the subjects they explored were more interesting than wars, and of course they liked soft and lush designs. The long Samurai period that followed was, in my mind, such a step backward!

    • So glad to have you thinking about how women rulers do more for the arts, and I love you share about the Heian period, Karo. Fascinating.

  4. YES YES YES!!! I so agree! It is important to let you home be your sanctuary and to surround yourself in what makes you feel good! My house is a RAINBOW! so much pink and red and purple… with a few other colors thrown in for good measure (and some animal print!!) It energizes me and makes me feel good so that I can go out into the world and do good…. and so that I can have other people over and they feel good 🙂
    Thank you!!! Love this!! 🙂

  5. What a luscious article! It’s so easy to get pulled into the daily demands of career, family and community, that we forget about our sanctuary. I’m looking around my favourite room with a different eye now. My favourite line: “Ride the rising tide and conquer fear and too many pillows.” I’m taking that one with me.

  6. Hi Jen,
    you reminded me of an amazing lounge that I have a photo of somewhere from a hotel in San Francisco think is was an art deco hotel in Geary St. yes this is a reminder that I need to make my sanctuary more scrumptious, think a move is on the horizon thanks for your creativity

  7. Hi!

    I just joined the Interior Design Community on Google Plus and saw your post about your blog.

    I’m glad I came to check it out! Thanks for a great post (I love that Horchow Haute House Thebe’s Bench)!

    • Ivan so glad you joined the Design Community and came over. Thank you and yes the Thebe’s Bench is fabulous.

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