The Village of Love

An emotional influx of profound energy pours into St Jude Hospital. This village runs on love, there is no other way to explain the buoyancy of this place.

St Jude in front of the hospital of St Jude

St Jude in front of the hospital of St Jude

As a privileged Blogger19, on an all expenses paid trip courtesy of Brizo Faucet company, I witnessed abundance flowing like water. Brizo is a major sponsor for the St Jude Dream Home Giveaway. They are in the water business or at least the flow of it, since fashion and function come in a Brizo faucet. Aligning with St Jude Hospital feels like a perfect fit, as both brands are focused on creating ease and beauty for life. When your desperately ill child is taken care of with love and no demand to pay you can relax into being a loving supportive parent. When water flows with ease through a good looking spout you have time to focus on what matters in your life.

Ceiling of the Hall

Ceiling of the Hall

Walking those uraled halls feels like hope afloat. A vortex for good, without strings. St Jude is both a working and research hospital that is all about manifesting their mission.

Murals on Walls

Murals on Walls

The hospital is designed deliberately to create a pleasant and comforting experience. Since most of the patients are in treatment for up to two years, St Jude is a lifeline and a home to many. Red flyer wagons wait, ready to roll the halls for patients convenience, facilities include a school, with its own prom night, and a food court that serves sushi and sundaes. There is no lingering hospital odor, the rooms have special filters to keep the air clean and fresh. Light, color and art dominate and provide inspiration and many spaces to get creative.

Playing house

Playing house, me and one of the St Jude girls.

Self expression and expansion in the spiritual, physical and emotional corridors are all encouraged. The children are included in the conversation from day one with their doctors, so they are motivated, connected and supported with love.

Design and Decorate

Design and Decorate

The Brizo team sponsored a number of activities that had us involved with the kids. The doll house activity I partook in was a huge hit. Brizo had a special house built, which included removable rooms and a roof top spa. Each room include slots to add wall and floor coverings as well as furniture and people. It was fascinating to watch these kids get drawn into the magic of picking colors, beds and toys to play house. That ‘first’ decorating experience is a powerful reminder that the way one’s home looks and feels has a direct effect on how effortlessly our life flows. If you room is cramped there is no space to have fun or see a different perspective.

Make your own room Rules!

Make your own room Rules!

Bringing home how everyone, sick, well or recovering needs that sanctuary of their own to dream and cry in. If Elvis was in the building I know he would be singing about it. Space, light and color evoke emotion that makes us feel alive or longing to escape.

The Sundae bar

The Sundae bar

Where is your room of refreshment to connect and strengthen you for the tough moments?

Joie de Vivre


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The Village of Love — 18 Comments

  1. What a wonderful place to be…how great that these kids are feeling love and given the freedom to heal. The parents must feel wonderful to have their kids in this kind of environment!

    • Deanna yes, it certainly is a supportive place and since everything is paid for parents don’t have that to worry about a place to stay or food. Everyone becomes part of the family and I know the parents have to appreciate that.

  2. I loved seeing this hospital. It is so fresh looking and positive for these sick children. My happy place is my home. I can curl up with my dog and a good book and always be comfortable. I do my best to keep my home uncluttered and clean so it is a relaxing place for me.

    • Sounds like you have a great happy place Beverly. I agree that St Jude hospital is fresh looking and vibrant, and does the sick kids a world of good.

  3. How very encouraging to see the whole-person focus at St. Jude’s. Thank you for bringing this to us. My “room of refreshment” is my little corner of the livingroom that houses my desk and writing materials. I love it because when I’m lost in my work, I’m still in the same room with my husband.

    • Dear Susan, I love that you can be lost in work in your room of refreshment, and still connected to your husband. Yes St Jude’s really understands that the whole person is needed to heal

  4. Beautiful intersection of your work in creating sanctuary with an environment devoted to healing. (And a most interesting association to a faucet, which really makes me look at faucets differently.) This must be an amazing place to be in physically, because the words and pictures convey such warmth and support. How wonderful to be able to be there and complement the energy with your grace and open heart. By the way, I thought that doll house was brilliant! What a wonderful gift.

    • Dear Judy, thank you. You write the most eloquent comments that always have me pause. Glad to make you think about faucets. And Brizo is brilliant at bringing art and function together at great price ( I was not paid to say that 🙂 ) St Jude has the most amazing energy. Many of their patients and parents of patients come back to work at or for St Jude which is quite a statement. And yes that doll house that was specially designed is a gift that will bring much pleasure.

  5. What a truly beautiful place to recover from whatever injuries or sickness a child needs to recover from. It’s hard enough when our little ones are ill, but making the kids more relaxed relaxes parents too, which can mean healing can truly be allowed to begin. Wonderful idea, thank you!!

    • Yes Louise, St Jude is a magical place since it embodies all that is necessary & I love how they allow the parents to relax and the kids to flourish. They have increased all the percentages of healing a great deal and share their research with other hospitals. It takes 1.8 m $ a day to run the hospital and they are autonomous because they raise their own funds.

  6. WOW, I had no idea. Your article touched my heart and what a wonderful place for these children and their families. A true blessing! Thanks for sharing with us.

    • Thanks Louise. Dont know what happened to your comment. It is indeed a fabulous place. And yes I thought the same thing. To have a person admitted because you can give them treatment and not worry about whether they have money to pay and to then take it all those steps further. Brilliant. and thanks re trip. It was incredible. xo

  7. Wow, this was wonderfully inspiring to read. If only all places took or allowed that same kind of love to creatively flow through them, perhaps there would be a lot less sickness and a lot more healing in this world. Thank you for sharing this, and for the pictures so we can experience it as well. xo

    • Jenny so glad. I love that thought, of inspiring people to use love to heal. We do need more of it in this world. I wish I could have shared more pics. xo

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