Transforming my Beast into Beauty

Are you like I me?  Locked in patterns I have a hard time breaking?

I would wake up in the morning literally  being held down and wanting to get up.  One half of me raring to go, the other swishing her tail and wanting to lie on a rock in the sun.    Do you ever get the feeling that you are two opposing parts of a whole being with immense possibilities?

Image from created by Tratong.

My friend  & mentor Victoria Buckman who is a fellow coach in The Character Code System™ had suggested I connect to my inner guides and have a discussion about where and why I was stuck. I had gone to bed determined to make peace and forge change with the beast within who kept tripping me up.

My Dragon stepped forward,  large, male and burnt out, in my dream.   Inky was his name.  Funny, because I recognized Inky from a  spiritual retreat I had taken inward in April 2011 at a life changing event.  My Goddess guide.  Now I discover the flip side to Inky.  Smoky and black he may be, but I pull him close to my heart in love and gratitude.
Can you let go enough to open up to a part of you you have resisted?

Later that morning, I experience a BAR session with my friend and fellow coach Ron D’Agnostino.   He has me lie down and applies pressure to points on my head that release old negative patterns.  Where his fingertips touch my brain points I can literally smell burning rubber..  it feels amazing.

My head feels light, airy, open.
While on the table I see & feel Inky transforming into a young fresh emerald green dragon.  Sweet, powerful and loving.   The outer shell falls away. What a gift.  I tell Ron about what happened.  I sing all the way home, over the bridge to Paul Simon’s album Graceland.  which is a favorite album.  It features South African singers LadySmith Black Mambazo so it takes me home to the Motherland.  I cry every time we sing “Homeless” together, but this time I feel lifted in joy.

Inky visits me in the shower, and tells me he has painted his nails gold. I see them glistening, and I laugh.  Life is about owning our joy.  There has never been a better time to embrace our Now.

Now as I type this, Inky is curled in my lap, he has become she, and my Goddess has become a Warrior and a Sage, with a shield, and a sword of glass.
Transparency frees.

What shifts can you make, or have you made by embracing your beast within?  The best time to allow change is when you are at your least resisting place.  Just before you drift to sleep or when you relax in your Le Chic Cocoon.

Share in a comment below your own experiences and resistance within.  I would love to know.

Joie de Vivre ( Joy of Life)


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