Transitions: Creating the home you love with his stuff

The wedding bells have rung and the honeymoon is done
Now you need to transition your life with his,
to create a blended house hold.

The man cave is moving. That mountain of inherited comfy couch, that has taken your beloved’s shape, is big. So big that it fills the room and renders you speechless.

Perhaps he has holdovers from a past marriage, or relics from hanging out at the local watering hole, or visiting Hawaii.

Perhaps she is awash in doilies & a collection of porcelain pieces.

You did say for better or worse, and suddenly your place is looking a whole lot worse.

How can you find a meeting place?
A way to meld the good(your stuff) the bad (his stuff) and the ugly (definitely his stuff)?

There is a way, and it need not mean starting over with all new furniture and knicknacks.

First determine the use of your room.
What are you planning on doing in there ?



Next figure out what items of furniture you need
Then the fun begins.

What sofa will work in the space ?
Perhaps you can take turns to pick items.

That way you both get to choose and loose.

Transitioning well involves displine and a sense of humor.
Remember this is only furniture.

The most important items to consider are size, color & function.

If the table is ugly but the right size perhaps paint will be your friend.

Accessories do not only make the woman, they also make the room.


Be focused and brutal in weeding out things you hate.
Art work placement and choice is key


Make sure you can achieve all your objectives.

Remember to leave room to walk and let the room reflect the best of both of you.

If all else fails, hire a Designer to do it for you – it takes away the stress!

call me – I would love to help you set the stage for your new life and love.

Happy creating in your new home.

May all the furniture and decorative bits be pieces you both love.


Celebrate your marriage by co-mingling with style.


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Transitions: Creating the home you love with his stuff — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Jen! thanks so much for including my wee French couple in this cute post! I LOVE those dance cards! So happy you stopped by my blog earlier…thank you:) Have a great week

  2. Ah yes. I still remember that Mr. Decor had bar towels on every flat surface and thought it looked great and was so happy to only have to wash the towels when they go to dusty. He has come a long way. 🙂

  3. Oh, we’ve all been there, and it’s even tougher for designers! I loved the humor in this blog Jennifer. Great job, and let’s get together soon!

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