Trophies and Medals

What is a parent to do?

Sports medals and trophies are a parental pride hazard.

Alas in there lies the challenge!

  • Display Family Trophy  & Ribbon Awards stylishly.
  • Track Sports Success with a Hall of Fame
  • Use clever visual tricks like a favored flag painted on the wall.

There are many ways to hang these treasures.  For a humorous & decorative slant check out Marni Jameson™s Award Winning Displays and read my tip about hanging ribbon medals on hooks. Spell out the sport, your child’s name, or even a phrase like Amazing Swimmer.

My daughter racked up a couple of medals and ribbons in her upward school trek, & they hang in pride of place in her room, so I can definitely relate to the importance of being medalled.

Create a family sports crest on the wall illustrating sports logos; colors & family traits with hooks could be a feature in any room.

A wall of hooks and Sport plaques will create visual memories, your family will enjoy.

Enhance the background with Tartan wallpaper, stripes or flags

Consider a glass display cabinet for the hallway landing or in a passage to add color and interest.

Or how about dressing up a small bathroom in ribbons & medals?

Want to add to your Trophies? Visit a Trophy shop to create a personal custom plaque.

What would your dream Trophy SLOGAN say?

Mine would be ”Makeover Marvel

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