Trump and the Election Furor

I woke up this morning with a fascinating thought in my head ( I often receive powerful information just before I awaken) both simple and kind of scary.

Shower Trump with love. Him of the orange hair and gasbag bullying tendencies who has given his followers permission to punch each other.  Shower them all with love and let the fire die.

Easier said than done.

I went to bed after watching a couple of disturbing videos about the phenomenon that is Trump and his followers.  Trump Tribe.

I want to ignore him.  I have laughed at him, and as a Diviner I know his purpose.  Still that said.  I am disturbed by his behaviour which is ugly, and more disturbed by the reactions his behaviour elicits in others.

There's nothing so kingly as kindness, and nothing so royal as truth.Alice Cary

We have lived so long in a society ruled by bullies.  Who has not been trumped by a bully in some way, shape or form?    Our society gives bullies lots of room to bully.  We don’t lead them into rooms where they will never get another moment of press or attention.   Instead we blindly follow his lead, crying in anguish.. We, who have been victims of bullies, feed the flame.  We are conditioned to let bullies bully.  Especially ones who have connections.  Maybe some among us hope he will make a big stinking mess, and allow the ones in the shadows to takeover.  Create order from chaos.

Trump is a bully who doesn’t give a shit. Really he is a shit stirrer of the highest order.  He could be headmaster of a school for optimal bullying.  It is the only thing I have seen him do well.
If he doesn’t want to do something – like take part in a debate, for whatever reason (no matter how tiny) – he declares – ‘we have had enough debates‘. Debate is cancelled.  Seriously?

Even though Trump has never actually debated.

He does not have the capacity to debate. It is as if a thought pops into his head and he speaks it. He is fully connected to his sense of self, and appears to have absolutely no connection to anything outside of his own reality.   He just makes shit up as he goes along.  Because he is the King of Bullies.  Heralded because he can yell ‘You are fired!” them we all grovel wanting the rich man to throw us a bone.

If, after the fact if someone points a finger at him, he uses the military defense technique and throws blame at them. (they made him do it) smothering them in mud, and urging everyone to sling mud too, fighting his battles.  Drown the person who dared to criticize him, while Trump stands by innocent.

Truthfully I do not like bullies.     I despise their lack of integrity, and their use of fear to crush their opponent.

I went to bed last night beyond understanding. I don’t get involved in politics, pretty much, anymore because, for me it is often a circus without substance.

A figurehead spouts words,  those who choose to worship said figurehead become repositories for all the drops sprayed from the mouth of the big head.  Till they are awash in the slogans and spouting them too.  The believing game.  We believe those who utter the words we desperately want to hear.

Trump has upped the ante in the political arena.  Bloated by his triumph since he lacks filters and his actions have been admired, brings the expression – the end justifies the means, to mind.

Does it?  Even Trump followers are blinded by his rhetoric.  Some don’t believe he means what he says. Others believe it too well.  They have started punching people in the face. Thinking they are going to have Big Daddy Trump handing out millions and bullying the world to protect them.

Trump has given millions of people the opportunity to justify their fears,  hatred of anything or anyone that is fair game for why their life sucks, because apparently someone else stole their beautiful life from them. They are innocent. Its the rest of the world that needs punishment to shape up.

Trump activates the latent bullies in society.

He has a vested interest in doing so – because it works.   This activation of what they call the Authoritarian personality types (people who want everyone to stay in their own pigeon hole no matter what or be punished for it) live life in fear.  In negativity.  They fear change.

Ironically change happens no matter how much you punch people in the face who mess with your idea of paradise, or who seem to leads you to that illusion of victory.

Classic case of a victim who clutches the cloak that convinces him he is better than the rest of us.  All because he has never been empowered only manipulated.

Which brings me back to my dream.   I know loving people who hate you, seems like the woo woo declaration of an addle pated spinster who is lost in a dream world.  But, while I might be addlepated, woo woo (to some) and a spinster of sorts, this would not be my solution.   I am so angry.  To see human beings using each other as bullets, creating a frenzy of bullies, churns my stomach.  It brings out the warrior in me.   I want to do damage. The only way I know how. With the words I use.

But.  I know what Trump is here to do, in this 7 calendar year.  9 universal year.   He is here to make us face our fear.  To be the monkey who tests our metal.   Will we do what the other monkeys do?   Will we worship Trump because he can gather hateful masses ?  Refuse obligation because he doesn’t feel like it and somehow we see that as heroic? (maybe he is having a bad wig day or he feels dissed) or he doesn’t want to face any flak. No matter.  To me it looks like he rather other people take the flak. While he pontificates, as a self crowned king.  Must be a heady feeling. to believe as the one who wore an invisible suit because no one told him otherwise.

Yes, as long as we have people agreeing with us and/or fighting us we must be winning right? All powerful right?  Wrong.  Yet.  Changing patterns and belief systems that have been shoved down our throats for centuries takes looking at. What appeals to the masses and why? (suppressing what upsets our leaders, being angry enough to punch people for our king, making everyone just follow the rules) without every questioning how that will improve our lives.  It is the greedy leading the blind.

We must own that we have been victims in society for so long.  Familiar with how that feels. Punching the air, feeling controlled by circumstances and people we have no control over. Angry that someone will take away our job, our belief that we are superior.   We don’t want to take responsibility for our life.  We want big daddy king to save us, throw us gold coins, tell us what to do.

Yes and this is what Trump is bringing out into our midst.  What people will do when they are in fear.   I am astonished how well people treat Trump.  Considering how badly he treats most people.  It is the power struggle writ in the stars.   We follow our truth and accept responsibility for our situation, love all we have, even though it has difficult moments or we follow a trumped up king.  Who tricks us into beating each other up, so we won’t notice how little he cares about our plight.

So back to love.   The missive was clear.  Shower Trump and his followers in love.  Fill the air with love, let it get sticky with the substance.  Let Trump and his followers get caught in the honey trap of love.  Immobilized.

See when we throw anger, or mockery at Trump that fire blows his balloon bigger.  He gets more attention, more followers, more verbose and dangerous.   The life blood of his campaign and Kingdom of Bullies depends on the anger we all feel.  We are feeding the flame, keeping it alive.  Helping the monster to grow.

With just love being chucked his way, his balloon loses air.  His ability to inflame diminishes. You can’t have love and fear in the same space.   Bullies are stilled by love.  Probably because they have no idea what it feels like.

I have no plans to go to a Trump rally or even engage in a discussion but I will send as much love as I can to bury them all.  I want a blanket of love to smother and silence them.  To bring them to the awareness that while fear may be a quickie in the dark, love is the orgasm that truly empowers and frees us all.    No strings.  Just love.  Loving the beauty of who they are underneath that nasty mask of hate and fear.  There is no illusion, just acceptance.   Letting love run rampant, consuming and extinguishing the hate.

Yes I will be offering love piled high.  I will not allow myself to fight this battle of the ages by being on the defensive.   I will be victorious because love conquers all.   Even bullies, hatemongers, scum of earth.     Composted by love. Made more reachable and reasonable by love.

What about you  – will you join me on the journey of love.  Focus on what you want to see more of in the world. Or continue to rampage for or against Trump?

Love is the most powerful warrior of all.  Not blind love, love given with the sight of clarity.

Jeweled Crowns,


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