Trunks come home.

Lately I have been seeing  a lot of Trunks or chests being used as coffee tables.

As a matter of fact I used one in early February for a client.  She has a fabulous kist (chest) carved and sturdy, handed down by family members.

It makes an outstanding coffee table.

Influenced no doubt by the Steam Punk style and the need for all of us to be on our own voyage of discovery.

If you love the idea of using something that reminds you of travels from your past or  the travels in your future, or perhaps you feel like many of us, nostalgic  for what has been.

The romance of memory in your decorating, perhaps you have a chest in your living room future.

Here are a couple to inspire you.    If you have a chest like my client’s carved and bumpy one – a glass top is a great addition.

The patina of age and life is layered with individualistic collections and pieces

This well pulled together room uses two chests  an antique pine coffee table, and a wicker side table, a relaxed pulled together look by Kelly McGuill, with  a mix of what might be inherited, found and new objects and furniture.

I found a slew of pretty trunks used as coffee tables bedtables sidetables and bed ends posted as Junk in the Trunk.  Which is true – who knows what you have hidden inside the the charming box

It certainly adds a sense of drama to imagine traveling on a ship in the old days with your steamer trunk, french Trunk or a Classy Louis or Hermes,  or a pile, with all your belongings or at least a pile of fabulous clothes to get you noticed.

To get a sense of what who and why read up and check out some old trunks at Legacy Trunks ,

They restore and sell parts to restore or recreate your own trunk

or check out  This Old Trunk

Find a picture to inspire your own trunk  – use vinyl, wallpaper fabric glue and trim to create your own stylish trunk. Add some flair to your living room or your patio.

Don’t despair if you are short of funds or time  Tj Max and Target carry simple cheap decorated trunks you can use to make a statement.

Capture your traveling senses with your own trunk of wood, leather, wicker or cardboard,  and imagine where you will go next.

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