Update a guest bedroom for the holidays in a hour

Expecting guests and hating what the guest room says about you?

It takes a little cash and some ingenuity to pull a room together, that welcomes your overnighters.

My latest redesign involved a some shopping.   My client is having family over because of a family wedding

A happy occasion.  Oh but the stress of having guests can really puncture the pleasure.

My client wisely decided to call me to rescue her house from the frump slump.

Guest bedroom used to be her daughters room.  When I arrive its still full of shelves and desks that stand forlonly.

Clear out all the extra stuff.

Then go shopping!

My client had all the odd pieces of furniture removed and brought in another twin bed.

Since time was short and twins are hard to shop for in real,  I opted for quilts.

I discovered apple green quilts, and chose to mix with blue.

I picked up a green and blue set of towels, some blue and green bath products, and lucked upon some fun green and blue pillows.

A sweet mirror,  and some wall art, including baskets.

and voila

The extra furniture has been removed, now its time for the dressing up

After separating the beds,  pulling in a small table and a lamp from another room, we added the quilts, the cushion, the art work. Laid out the towels in readiness, and voila –

A new room is born!

I wish I could have moved the beds to center on the window, but the door into the bathroom will not allow it.

However with a couple of hours, and about a hundred dollars, the room is transformed from dark to delightful.

I would love to hear how you are transforming your guest room this season.

If you need help to make your house a place to come home to  – call me, Jennifer Duchene  650.644.8592

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