Update your Home with easy classics

While strolling the net, I found a new online magazine GLO with lots of interesting photo articles, and that got my attention.

And I was inspired to share this one,  Fast Fashion with a twist.  as Update your Home Wardrobe  as a variation on theme.

A few tips to make you look at your space differently.

Tip 1: Identify Your Style

Decorate for your lifestyle — not someone else’s. Knowing what looks good in your space, what works  what doesn’t will save you time when entertaining &  shopping. Get expert advice from a decorator- an hour or two of advice can save you time and money.    Decorating mistakes can be costly.

Check out this really visual quiz from Sproost to get a feel of your style or this more generic easy quiz.

So is Hollywood Glamor your style?  Check out the luxurious mix below from Living Etc via Spruce Blog

Tip 2: Build A Foundation

You’ll get your home looking fabulous in no time, if you build on these basics that every one should have in your home and in the cupboards:   versatile, well shaped sturdy tables,   a great piece of art,  classic sofa & a set of chairs with good lines. A fabulous rug. Simple set of dishes in a basic color that you make more interesting with add in pieces.

In the room set up below at Highpoint you see classic pieces that will endure

Tip 3: By The Numbers

Design fundamentals are basic. Keep it simple. How many of each piece do you really need? No more than 4 pillows for a sofa, 1 or 2 for a chair, 3 to 5 objects on a table, and 3 tablecloth, 3 sets of napkins. all mix and match depending on the crowd and occasion.

Repetition is needed for a room to have a grounded well designed feel.  No need to hit people in the face, subtle hints and repeats can often be more effective.  Patterns shapes, light and color should play a melody of harmony & balance.

Tip 4: Embrace Tees

And you can never have enough good basics to dress  your table, up and down, plain plates you can use  alone or layer with some garage sale or fabulous finds. Find a style you like of napkins cutlery, glasses, stick with it and buy multiples in various colors and shapes.  The best part about basics is they double up.   Jugs to drink in, Water next to the bed, flowers on the mantel.

Tip 5: Invest in Classics

What’s worth splurging on? Pieces that will last forever and are always in style, like timeless sofas, collectible art, good quality rugs and some amazing pieces of  one of a kind furniture and or accessories that you fall in love with and love looking at every day.  Once you know your style, you will know what classics will keep.  The best part of buying classics is they work with anything – any colors, any styles any fabric. As illustrated in the picture below – classic items using the classic black and white – but this room is far from boring.  This picture from House of Turquoise   The way the fabrics and pieces are chosen and mixed together makes  it seamless and exciting. The turquoise on the wall gives a bold nod to how classics can stand anything you throw at them, and look fabulous!

Tip 6: Streamline Your Shopping

We know it’s more fun with a girlfriend, but shopping alone will save you time.  Have a list and stick to it.  Once you have enough items to accessorize and showcase stop looking.

You can relax in your new space knowing it will reward you – whether you are alone or in company.

What does your dream room look like?

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Update your Home with easy classics — 3 Comments

  1. These 6 fundamentals are such great starting points, Jen! I sometimes have a difficult time decorating rooms at home, but I did take with a theme of Hawaiian for one of my rooms and stuck with it and it turned out marvelous. And I think it’s important to embrace fewer items and green in the home. You don’t need a room full o’ clutter for it to make a statement (think of the statement a crowded room makes!).

    • Lee you are so right – a few fundamentals and items you love can make a room. And an overcrowded room is not a pretty or relaxing sight. Would love to see the pics from your Hawaiian Room.

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